I read about your previous anecdotes and thought I’d let you know about something which happened at a Hotel I was a receptionist for in New York. I once received some flowers on Valentine’s Day from one of the doormen working there. He was a nice guy, but really unconfident, very shy and extremely nervous in front of women in the two years I’d been there he’d never even had the courage to say hello to me. I don’t usually go for the shy types, but I’d just come out of a relationship with a ‘bad guy’ so thought the change would be refreshing. I went to thank him for the flowers and couldn’t find him anywhere, I spent the afternoon trying to catch up with him, but every time I got close he seemed to disappear. At the end of the day I asked the others on the door and they told me he’d been hiding every time he’d seen me coming, at one point apparently he’d even leapt into a cupboard!

I gave up after that.