I was covering reception, it was my first day temping on the smart reception of an advertising agency near Covent Garden.  The Owner of the company had already made it quite obvious she didn’t think I was up to the job. I had a two hour hand-over, then the rest of the office staff headed out for their pre-Christmas lunch – and I was left on my own to look after her precious company.

The woman hadn’t looked like trouble, she was pregnant yes, but I thought she’d just come in to get directions with her Dad. After trying to understand her rasping manic voice for a few minutes it occurred to me that she actually had no intention of making it to a Hospital but wanted to do it right there and then.

So with chairs moved out of the way and a space on the carpet now clear, she collapsed on the floor. They had already dialled the ambulance, so I just prayed it’d get to us in time.

It didn’t.

…So I’ve got the ambulance crew now shouting orders, I’ve got a woman screaming and to top it all, people have begun to wander in off the street to watch it all, and I’m trying to move them back when her Dad thinks he’s’ having chest pains. Typical.

So I we ordered another ambulance.

With the reception full of people, most of them shouting, and a woman screaming over the top of them all, I wondered whether it would be worth calling my Bosses emergency number. I didn’t need to though, because she arrived back around that time.

We had people everywhere, the old guy was being strapped to the stretcher and his daughter giving birth on the other side, as my boss stood in the middle of it all – mouth agape, I grinned at her proudly (thought I’d done rather well in the circumstances)

She didn’t and I got sacked.
Strange that.

Temping’s fun, I like temping, you should try it.

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