Which are the Best Construction Jobs and Job Boards in London? May 2024 – The main competitors are revealed… but which are the best, it could surprise you…

Construction Job Boards in London are where to find the best construction jobs, and our list, often viewed as a treasure map to London’s bustling construction scene, that savvy professionals keep close: our curated list of what we consider to be the top construction job boards.

Construction Jobs Boards are the best place to find most of the construction jobs in London. We give our opinion of those ones which are leading the pack.

**The Winners May 2024**

1: The Construction Index
Construction Job Boards Magazine covers London – with a website and dedicated search engine and resource for the construction industry, free to add your business to the 87,000 construction companies. Very active social media accounts with news and information also free subscription for daily newsletters. The best Construction Job Board for direct recruiting. for employers, options for more exposure on a variety of platforms are paid for but to post a job on the website is free.  For job hunters, there are nearly 200 jobs in London, many senior and management positions in all sectors.  

2: Construction Job Board
Best Construction Job Board in London for thousands of jobs in over 20 cities and counties in the UK, Nearly 2000 jobs advertised in London, for every profession within the construction industry and every level of skills and experience.  For employers, prices start at £249 for one ad for 30 days.  For candidates you can upload your CV to be seen by employers looking for your skills!

3: Careers in Construction
Construction Job board covering London, the UK and Germany, with nearly 1000 construction jobs in London, mostly senior and management positions in all sectors.  Good filters for narrowing down your search and set up job alerts to be emailed to you. Active social media with industry news and events, upload your CV to be found by recruiters.  Recruiters – contact them to discuss options for advertising your jobs in construction.

4: Job Today
Construction Job Board which is based in Luxembourg, this is a fast growing world wide Job Board for industries including Trade and Construction.   Many pages of trade construction jobs in London.  For recruiters, all jobs are published to Google Jobs and Facebook’s job board.  You can start recruiting for free, but it’s not clear about pricing after that.  There is an app to download and connect to candidates for chatting immediately and arranging interviews.

5: Green Jobs
Best Construction Job Board covering London for the ‘Green’ industry.  One of a network of job boards devoted to the ‘Green’ industry. The construction jobs are mostly senior and management positions with over 30 in London.  These positions are in companies specialising in environment and sustainability and have very active social media accounts with jobs advertised.  For recruiters, your job listing is posted on all their relevant sites and social media accounts, and you will find candidates who will be searching for ‘green’ jobs.

6: Career Structure
Best Construction Job Board, affiliated with the Totaljobs network of Job Boards. Their user friendly websites are straight forward and link to each other.  Upload your CV to be found by thousands of employers and set up job alerts.  For recruiters, you can buy the CV database for Totaljobs network with over 21 million CV’s for £270 but it won’t be all construction! However to place an ad for 6 weeks that will appear on 3 main websites is £149.

7.Fish 4
Construction Job Board which also has lots of other industries covered with a section for Construction and Skilled Trades jobs covering every sector. About 350 jobs advertised in London, create a search with your filters and have job alerts emailed to you. For recruiters, it is £150 for a 28 day job advert or for extra you can also have a printed advert in a selection of regional newspapers.

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8. Building 4 Jobs
Construction Job Board devoted to the building industry with 55 jobs in London, mostly senior and management positions.  Part of the ‘Building’ Magazine, which also has active social media accounts with industry news and information.  For recruiters, a standard listing is £600 or for £800 they will optimize your advert and include it on their social media platforms.

9: Jobsite
Part of the Totaljobs network, a straight forward Job Board covering many sectors including Construction. For recruiters, you can buy the combined CV database, as above, for £270 or £169 for a 6 week advert on Totaljobs and Jobsite.  Over 2000 jobs advertised in London for all sectors and positions in the construction industry.

Construction Job Board covering London – and attached to the Government websites . The Job board includes almost 300 trade and construction jobs in London.  Many management positions advertised.  Set up an account for your company and post job listings for free.

11: Gumtree
The Best Construction Job Board for being attached to a successful community website covering everything from buy and sell to job searches.  Now UK wide, the Job Board brings up 1300 construction jobs in London, mostly trade jobs.  Sign in with Google or Facebook to post an advert.

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