Which are the BEST Literary Agents in London 2024, what genres do they cover, fiction, non fiction, fantasy, poetry, YA and Children’s books, film/TV scripts: We reveal the winners…

Literary Agents in London for May 2024. You have completed your masterpiece and now it’s time to find a literary agent to make it a worldwide hit!  We have taken a look at the choice in London, the agencies vary a little in specialities but there are plenty of agents out there waiting for your submission….

LITERARY AGENTS IN LONDON normally require a covering letter and first 3 chapters, but check detailed info for submissions on all websites as they all have their guidelines.

1. D H H Literary Agency
Literary Agents in London with a reputation for picking out talented writers and nurturing them to success. They handle women’s commercial fiction, crime, science fiction, thrillers, non fiction, history and other genres. Their helpful and caring team includes five agents with serious pedigree who have represented some very successful authors. Make sure you have carefully read their submissions criteria and chosen only the one agent you feel would represent you best. Only electronic submissions. Good luck!

2. Hardman & Swainson
Literary Agents in London founded in 2012 by Caroline Hardman and Joanna Swainson.  Profiles on the website of all the agents, what writing they are interested in and looking for, submit your writing to the agent that seems most suited. They have an international focus, if your work is accepted they are also dedicated to translation rights as well as film and tv.  Their current Author/Book list give an indication as to their specialities, which are fiction, non fiction, YA and children’s books.  They are always looking for new authors, so have a look and see if your style fits. They don’t accept poetry or scripts.

3. Darley Anderson
Literary Agents in London, established in 1988. Now with a large team of agents, they specialize in best selling commercial fiction, you can see the website for all the best selling authors.  There is of course a team dedicated to translation, film and tv rights and they also have their own specialist illustration agency and children’s agency.  For submissions, have a look at the list of agents and what they are looking for.  Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Literary Agents in London under the name of proprietor, Jo Unwin, an actress and writer for TV, who has been building an excellent reputation as a Literary Agent since 2008.   They are looking for authors from UK and Ireland, also Australia and New Zealand and accept both fiction and non fiction, YA and Children’s books.  No screen plays or poetry, but they do work with TV and Film Rights as well as translations. Have a look at their profiles, what they are looking for and see if you are a fit!  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

5. Blake Friedmann
Best Literary Agency in London if you’re looking for one with award winning authors and and international success. Founded in 1982 with the merging of two already established agencies. They take fiction and non fiction submissions, but not children, YA or fantasy.  See the agent profiles for the best fit.  There is also a dedicated media department who take submissions from Script writers, covering every aspect of TV programming and theatrical release feature films.  Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

6. Janklow & Nesbit
Literary Agents in London since 2000.  There are 4 agents working from the London office. They all major in non fiction including poetry, as well as some fiction – see their profiles for the exact match!  The London Translation Rights team work directly with publishers throughout the world, see their list of territories covered. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

7. Madeleine Milburn
London Literary Agents with global outreach and authors from around the world.  Award winning Literary Agent, Madeleine Milburn, founded her agency in 2012 and it has grown considerably, with a large team of Literary Agents and Rights Agents, who are also committed to selling rights for television, film, theatre and radio.  See the profiles of agents to submit your work, they accept adult fiction and non fiction as well as YA and Children’s books.  They do not accept poetry or scripts.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

8. RCW
Literary Agency founded in 1967, with a large team of agents based in London.  They cover fiction, non fiction, YA and Children’s books and do not accept scripts or poetry.  They partner with large creative agencies in the film and TV business in UK and US, and also opportunities with podcasts, radio and stage shows.  They also have a large team of Translation Rights Agents, who collectively speak 10 languages, and accept books in all languages – see their website for details of submission and to select your agent!  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

9. MBA 
Literary & Script Agency in London that does accept scripts for Film, TV, Radio and Theatre!  Established 50 years, they have built relationships with industry professionals in both the UK and also America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  The team of agents have specialist and varied back grounds and interests, so check their profiles and submit to the right agent!

10. Robertson Murray
Literary Division of Arlington Talent Agency founded in the 1970’s.  They are not currently taking submissions but worth checking back to see progress, as the opportunities could be great if things change.  Keep up to date with them by following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

11. MMB Creative
This London based Talent Agency brought together 3 specialist agencies and include a Literary Agency with an interest in Stage and Screen Writers. It is a mid-sized team, with 2 principal agents, focused on UK and Irish authors, who are looking for new writers.  A recent expansion now includes an agent looking for new writers from around the world, especially in East and Southeast Asia, but not US, Australia or Continental Europe.  All the agents accept both non fiction and fiction, including Fantasy, but not currently accepting submissions for YA and Children.  Read the submission page for a full list of genres they are currently accepting, these do change.  The wider team also cover foreign rights selling and TV/film rights.

12. CW Literary Agency
Literary Agents in London under the umbrella of the long established talent agency, Curtis Brown Group, giving the benefit of direct access to the Film/TV industry.  They have a dedicated Book to Film agent, who works closely with TFTV agents to secure options for writers with production companies.  Founded in 2000, there is a large team of agents, accepting fiction and non fiction as well as YA and children’s books.  They don’t accept picture books, poetry or scripts, but you can submit scripts to the Curtis Brown Group!  Keep up with them on Twitter and Instagram.

13. The Soho Agency
London Literary Agency and Talent Agency, combining 2 established agencies who came together in 2019 with a large team of Literary Agents, accepting submissions of all genres including script writing but not poetry or text books.  Have a read of agents profiles to see who your work fits best with.  The agency are looking for writers who have international potential and would like to see their work in more than one medium.  Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

We recommend all the above equally, and it will be down to the relationship with your agent to reach the greatest audiences


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The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and are not intended to defame, malign, or harm any individual or organisation.

Released 25th May 2024