Property Jobs and Job Boards in London? April 2024 – The main competitors are revealed… 

Which are the best Property Jobs and Job boards?  Dive into the dynamic world of property management with the UK’s premier Job Boards, vibrant hubs where ambitious professionals connect with cutting-edge opportunities to shape the future of real estate.

Property Management Jobs Boards are the best starting place to find most other property jobs in London. We give our opinion of those ones which are leading the pack.

**The Winners April 2024**

1. Property Week 4 Jobs
Property Job Board attached to a leading UK property magazine.  It offers a platform for job seekers and employers to find positions related to various roles within the industry, including Property Managers, Development Managers, Surveyors, Facilities Managers, and more. The site is active, with regularly updated job listings from across the UK, with a good selection of Property Management jobs in the London area. Prices for advertising options start at £400 for one ad for 28 days with other deals and bespoke options available.  Follow the magazine on LinkedIn for the latest property news.

2. Property Jobs
Property Job Board and portal, tailored for the property sector in the UK.  The site is designed to connect job seekers with employers in the property industry, offering tools like CV uploads and job alerts. It features a wide range of job listings across various specializations, including property management, surveying and development. Over 50 jobs in London with half of those for Property Management. Advertising starts at around £1600  for one listing over 28 days, plus 10 CV’s to download from their database of over 14,000 industry professionals.  Updated daily.

3. RICS Recruit
Property Job Board that is the official recruitment website of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, focusing on surveying vacancies within construction, land, and property worldwide. It’s a UK-based, active forum that caters to a global audience, particularly RICS members who number 140,000 across 146 countries (with a particular focus on London and the UK). Around 100 Property Manager positions advertised in the Uk, and around 30 in London. The site’s special focus is on connecting highly qualified property professionals with leading recruiters, offering job search capabilities, recruiter advertising, and career advice.  Register to place an advert, starting at around £900, special rates for RICS members. New jobs and opportunities are uploaded on a daily basis.

4. Propertymark
Property Job Board attached to Propertymark, which is the leading membership organization for property agents, providing professional credibility, compliance support, legal and HR advice, training, and professional development.  As a snapshot, Propertymark jobs is currently working with 781 employers, advertising 585 open opportunities.  Currently there are around 10 Property Management vacancies in London.  Advertising with membership starts at £250 for a single listing for 30 days and CV’s can be purchased for £30 each.

5. Reed
Property Job Board attached (covering MANY other jobs and industries) to a UK recruitment agency but widely used by professionals to advertise thousands of property related jobs.  They currently have over 3000 Property Management jobs advertised  in London. The site is actively updated with new listings, prices start at £225 for one which remains live for 10 days, packages available including CV search.

6. Michael Page
Property Job Board (as well as jobs in MANY other fields) attached to a well-known UK recruitment firm, with a substantial reach and network within the industry.  Very active platform with specialist section for the property sector. It offers a broad range of property-related job opportunities, including roles in property management, surveying, and real estate development, catering to professionals at various career stages. currently showing 120 jobs available in the property field in the UK, but no filter for London.

7. IWFM Jobs (The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management)
Property Job Board attached to the IWFM and Facilitate Magazine, dedicated to job opportunities within the estates and property facilities management sector. It features a variety of roles aimed at enhancing building efficiency and sustainability, catering to professionals across different levels of expertise. The site reflects an active community interested in workplace and facilities management, for membership go to the official IWFM website. The focus is on improving the work environment through skilled facilities management. Around 30 Property Management jobs advertised. Price for one job listing is £999 for 28 days.

8. Deverell Smith
Property Job Board offering a wide range of job opportunities including roles in property management, sales, and development. The platform is designed to connect property professionals with leading employers, showcasing a dynamic and active job market. It’s part of a larger recruitment firm known for its expertise in the property industry. Smaller than previous entries on the list it does seem to do well in its specialised marketplace. Opportunities constantly updated.

9. Dove & Hawk
Property Job Board attached to a UK recruitment consultancy specialising in the property and real estate sector. They connect professionals with jobs in areas such as property management, investment, finance, and real estate management. The site offers a deep pool of resources and experience, making it a specialist in the field. Their approach is business-driven and people-focused, aiming to match candidates with companies that align with their values and goals. An easily navigable website which is constantly updated with new job opportunities. Currently around 40 Property Management jobs advertised in London.  Follow on LinkedIn for regular posts including the latest jobs.

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