Facial Recognition Corporate Events – Does it work?

About Zenus


Zenus say they are the market leader for face recognition solutions in the events industry.

Their award-winning services are being used by event organisers and registration companies across the world. Zenus makes integrations easy while offering attendees optimal experience. At the same time, they say they respect end-user privacy which is a part of the company’s core mission.

How their system works:

During the registration process, an attendee would simply decide whether or not they want to opt-in for facial recognition during the check-in process. If Yes, they will finish entering their information and then get directly to Zenus’ image collection site. Upon uploading a quality photo they are set.

On the day of the event, they will simply walk up to the check-in station, before they even reach the station, they should be recognised and say yes or no, if the person Zenus returns in them or not. The accuracy rate is 99.8%. They would then get their badge proceed to the event.

Personalised, convenient, fast, and secure. 

Important points to know:

  • They integrate with existing registration companies to make the process seamless
  • All attendees need to accept to the consent form. This ensures security and privacy regulations. They are also GDPR compliant
  • They do not store any actual photos. Zenus will extract the facial geometry from the faces, compare it with our database and immediately discards the photo on the day of the check-in. All data associated with the event will be deleted 7 days after the event

Overall benefits:

  • faster, more secure, convenient way for check-in
  • increase the throughput of each station and lines by 2-5X times
  • happier attendees and they are more engaged


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