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As the first point of contact for your business, we know the importance of a Front of House Team that is sartorially impeccable; perfectly turned out day after day and at every instance throughout those days. Impressing your values, your priorities and your standards upon all of your clients, a Front of House Team can give your business an immediate sense of professionalism, if they themselves are dressed to impress. If they are not however, then simply put, business will suffer the consequences.

The FOHM Forum members have dealt with numerous Corporate Uniform companies throughout the years and know that finding the perfect supplier for a FOH Team’s clothes can be time-consuming and have variable results in quality. So, for the first article of a series that are aimed at making your day to day decisions easier and more informed, we spoke to our clients at our bi-annual forums and shortlisted the most trusted suppliers of corporate uniforms. Within these recommendations we have factored in what our clients have told us are the 5 qualities they look for, being:

  1. Understanding their brief.
  2. Accurate costing.
  3. Customer service.
  4. Value for money.
  5. Quality of product.

If you are looking for numerous uniforms that are inexpensive but of a good quality then Dennys is perhaps where you should check in with first. Great value and washable without ironing, Dennys provide off-the-peg clothes but will do all the minor alterations, such as hems and sleeve lengths for you. Rated highly for their understanding of our clients’ briefs and accurate costing, Dennys are a go-to company for larger orders that need to be fulfilled to a budget. Likewise, our clients highly rate TM Lewin for their efficiency and value for money, receiving, as they do, a generous corporate discount.

Charlotte Stiffell, who not only provide off-the-peg and made-to-measure solutions but also have a quick and efficient dry cleaning service. Charlotte will modify and customise off-the-peg options which allow for bespoke uniforms.

If your looking for a gold standard uniform, then E Couture come highly recommended, with Nick Jones providing a quick, efficient service. Tailor-made uniforms, which can reflect your company colours, style and will certainly impress – our clients have commented that they regularly attract admiration and always project professionalism. They also do off-the-peg with alterations to refine the fit.

So, we hope that helps you all a little in navigating your way through the various uniform suppliers and options available to you. Until next time.

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