Franke, Nespreso, Scanomat, Black & White, which one is best?

Choosing the right corporate commercial coffee machine for your company – can prove tricky. With quite a bit of choice in the market place, how do you know which one your clients and staff will prefer.

Our FOH Managers have experienced most of the major players in the market so if you’re trying to decide we may be able to put you in touch with some first-hand experience.

We asked the Front of House Managers recently who attend our forum events for their opinion. The results were quite interesting.

These are some of the replies:

“We use Black & White machines. They are high end, but excellent machines and we continually get good feedback from the clients”

Scanomat machines – clients them, great to use, taste fab, however you are tied into purchasing their products, also online you can find reviews mentioning reliability…”

“I’m afraid I’ve had lots of experience with coffee machines over the years, I still have the stab-marks and scars to prove it – I currently have Franke A600’s and A400’s, which I consider to be among the Rolls Royce’s of coffee machines, but as I’ve said, it depends what audience they’re playing to.”

Scanomats – great, but be careful if you have a very busy tea point.  They would struggle and the iPads are fragile for constant use. I would only install them in a client facing area if you want to provide a ‘wow’ factor.”

“We settled with the Nespresso Gemini machines. They look good, intuitive to use, largely very popular with my highly indulged office, really reliable. And best thing for me is the contract freedom, we have a minimum number of capsules to buy per month (think it’s 600) to get the machine and maintenance free and we can get rid of them whenever we want.”

So I hope those comments assist you in your search. We had quite a few responses and the above were mentioned by far the most times, leading us to conclude they are the ones favoured by many FOH Managers in corporate client service areas.

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  • Beanworks 
  • Black and White Coffee Co 
  • Caffeine Limited 
  • Dualit Ltd 
  • Franke Coffee Systems UK Ltd 
  • Janes Beverages Foodservice Ltd 
  • La Cimbali 
  • La Spaziale UK 
  • LF Spare Parts Ltd
  • Melitta System Service 
  • Nespreso UK 
  • Noble Arbre Limited 
  • Rombouts Coffee 
  • Scanomat 
  • Taylors of Harrogate 
  • TBOSA 
  • Tudor
  • Wessanen 

There are more reviews you’ll find available online. Please know that we are impartial – these views are not our own – and if you’re one of the above companies, feel free to contact us if you feel you have been judged harshly. 
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