Who are Penshee?

  • Pensee provide consultation and quality assurance services, helping luxury brands understand and improve the service provided by their employees.
  • The team consists of specialists who have previously held senior management roles in 5* deluxe hotels and worked for global quality assurance companies.
  • They transfer this knowledge of world-class service in hotels into understanding and creating exceptional guest experiences across all industries.

Penshee for Corporate Reception

  • Working directly with companies and reception service providers, Penshee organise monthly/quarterly audits at sites to anonymously monitor the performance of the employees from a guest’s viewpoint.
  • Each visit is followed by a human-centric, bespoke report which includes a highly detailed overview of the experience and a score as a quantitative evaluation.
  • Previous reports, competitor benchmarking data and opportunity analysis are available via a dedicated portal.

Find out more…. Visit  www.penshee.com or email atyourservice@penshee.com