Love Painted in Lies: A Maida Vale Tale

Love Painted in Lies is a Feel-Good British Romantic Comedy – the first time Holly Denham has written since Holly’s Inbox and Holly’s Inbox 15 years ago.

Love Painted in Lies is based in London, Maida Vale and is features a Minty, who is returning to Maida Vale and may just ruffle some feathers.

The watchful eyes of the law remain fixed on Minty; they’re convinced she’s back to uncover the truth about a legendary missing painting.

Minty must prove her new life is a genuine fresh start. But does she know more than she’s letting on, or is her return a sincere attempt to repaint her life’s canvas?

Amidst it all, a mysterious stranger enters her already chaotic world, bringing a hint of intrigue and the possibility of romance. Is he a stroke of destiny or a ghost from her past?

While managing these challenges, she’s also navigating the competitive world of London school admissions, where church attendance is more about strategy than faith.

With gangsters on her trail and love at her door, Minty’s journey is a hilarious feel-good adventure, where art and reality comically collide in Maida Vale.


Live Painted In Lies