Love Painted in Lies

Love Painted in Lies: A Maida Vale….is a perfect Feel-Good British Romantic Comedy – with 4.2* on GOODREADS 

Love Painted in Lies” revolves around more than just the chaos of managing twins, dealing with the antics of Old English Sheepdogs, school drop-offs, and caring for her elderly parents. Minty’s life is clouded by murmurs of her participation in a family art forgery scheme that once deceived the London high society.

The vigilant eyes of the authorities remain focused on Minty; they believe she has returned to uncover the secrets of a legendary missing artwork.

Minty needs to demonstrate that her new life is genuinely a fresh start. But is she hiding more than she’s admitting, or is her comeback a true effort to rewrite her life’s narrative?

In the midst of all this, a mysterious figure steps into her already hectic life, adding a touch of intrigue and the potential for romance. Is he a sign of fate or a specter from her history?

While handling these issues, she also faces the competitive world of London school admissions, where church attendance is more strategic than spiritual.

With gangsters pursuing her and love knocking on her door, Minty’s adventure is a hilarious, feel-good journey where art and reality amusingly intersect in Maida Vale.

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