Receptionist Salary Survey 2018

Receptionists salaries vary greatly depending on the type of business they are working in. Below we have put together some guidelines, however do remember these are just averages taken from placements we have made over the past year.

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Industry Low level Mid-Level High Level Notes
Hotels £13,000 £17,000 £22,000 Some evenings and weekends.Tips on top.
Private Members Clubs £17,000 £20,000 £25,000 Some evenings and weekends. Tips on top
Creative & Media £18,000 £23,000 £27,000 More relaxed places to work
Insurance (Outsourced) £22,000 £24,000 £27,000
Insurance £23,000 £26,000 £30,000 Bonuses possibly
Investment Banks (Outsourced) £22,000 £26,000 £27,500 Usually large team environments
Legal (Outsourced) £24,000 £26,000 £28,000
Legal £25,000 £28,000 £33,000 Bonuses are usually good
Private Equity, Private Banks, Fund Managers £25,000 £30,000 £40,000 Bonuses can be high
Very high-end property companies £27,000 £30,000 £33,000

The receptionist salaries at the higher-end are paid by companies who are usually looking for solid stable corporate reception experience already gained within a large highly prestigious organisation. Those who are first starting a career within corporate reception or who are moving from another career (such as cabin crew) may need to be more flexible until they have some corporate receptionist experience under their belts. Working in-house usually pays slightly more and could have better benefits, HOWEVER there are some advantages to outsourcing. If you are looking to progress within Front of house you may find better opportunities are with outsourcing. Here you would likely be working within a larger team so there would be a structure of team-leaders and supervisors for you to progress to.  You may also make more receptionist-team-player friends! Their training can also help candidates who have the passion, temperament, presentation and ability but not the experience. Click here to see the reception managers salary survey

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