Receptionist Temp Agencies

As one of London’s only pure corporate receptionist temp agencies, Front Of House Recruitment prides itself in providing polished, enthusiastic, charming ready-to-go receptionists, who arrive in corporate attire and hit-the-ground-running. 

Our clients are mainly law firms, banks, FTSE 100 companies, hedge funds, insurance firms, private members clubs, private clinics and other businesses who value the receptionist’s role and understand its importance.

For the past fifteen years we have been filling receptionist vacancies and as industry leaders, we also run the reception managers’ forums. If you’re looking for a receptionist to fill a temporary vacancy in London, then please call us today on 0207 242 8888 or visit our contact page

Why a specialist receptionist temp agency?
Often a company will seek-out a specialist temp receptionist agency because their regular consultancies were struggling to find the right calibre of candidate who can confidently answer a switchboard, or use a room-reservation system. If this is the case – we can help. We have been As specialists we can also help our clients in many other ways. Our website is jam packed full of exciting and useful information from the front of house managers’ forums, to industry tips and help. Whether it is how to create that 5* impact, salary surveys, reception product reviews ,which meeting room booking system, or just our FOH magazine.

If you have a reception-related question which isn’t answered in our site, please feel free to get in touch with Sarah and she’ll do her best to help.