Temp Jobs and Job Boards in London for April 2024? Which are the best – The main boards are revealed…

Temp Jobs & Jobs Boards in London in April 2024 can help you unleash your potential, with a range of short term dynamic vacancies available giving you the freedom to craft a schedule that fits your adventurous lifestyle!

Temp Job & Jobs boards in London offer you the opportunity to browse a number of short term vacancies across multiple industries, making it easy to find the roles that make good money, letting you keep your freedom!  April 2024!

**The Winners in April 2024**

1: E4S (Employment 4 Students)
Temp Job Board specialising in student jobs, part-time, temporary positions, internships, and graduate roles in the UK. The platform is designed to help students find, win, and progress through a wide range of job opportunities. It advertises various job sectors including administration, hospitality, customer service, and more, catering to students looking for holiday work, gap year positions, or career-starting roles.

2: Indeed Flex
Temp Job Board specialising in temporary job opportunities across various sectors, including industrial, healthcare, retail, logistics, and call centers. The platform is designed to accommodate various job preferences, whether you’re looking for weekend jobs, night shift jobs, or student jobs to earn extra cash. They aim to provide temporary jobs that fit your lifestyle, allowing you to become a “Flexer” and gain immediate access to part-time and temporary jobs for flexible work that aligns with your schedule. To apply for temporary positions through Indeed Flex, you can simply download their app, sign up, complete your profile, and get verified. This process enables you to search and book available work instantly, with the option to choose when you get paid, either the same day or weekly.

3: UK Part Time Jobs
Temp Job Board – which doesn’t only have temp but many Part Time Jobs, they are known for offering a wide range of part-time, temporary, and seasonal job opportunities suitable for students, graduates, and those looking for flexible working arrangements. They typically feature jobs across various industries, including retail, hospitality, customer service, and more.

4: Redwigwam
Temp Job Board specialising in flexible, temporary job opportunities across various sectors. Established in 2015, it uses AI technology to match job seekers with roles that suit their skills, availability, and location. The platform offers jobs in fields such as field marketing, mystery shopping, hospitality, warehouse and logistics, retail, office and admin, and cleaning​​. To access these opportunities, interested individuals can register for free on the Redwigwam platform. Once registered, they can get matched to jobs, get paid quickly, and enjoy the benefits of being part of a community that values flexible work. The platform provides jobs across the UK, catering to a wide range of job seekers, from students and retired individuals to those taking gap years or parents seeking flexible working options

5: Adecco
Temp Job Board which is actually part of Adecco recruitment agency – which covers temp and perm – including administration, customer service, finance, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail, among others. They cater to various industries, offering temporary positions that suit different skill sets and career interests.  Adecco UK offers a wide range of temporary job opportunities for individuals seeking flexible schedules or interested in exploring new industries. They cater to various sectors, constantly recruiting temporary workers to fill roles during seasonal peaks, holidays, or cover for full-time staff on leave.

6: Manpower
Manpower UK offers a wide range of temporary job opportunities across various sectors, including Administration and Business Support, Automotive, Customer Service and Call Centre, Driving and Logistics, HR, IT, Manufacturing, Marketing and PR, Public Sector, and Utilities. They cater to diverse locations across the UK, providing both full-time and part-time temporary roles to meet different career needs and preferences.

7: HRGO Recruitment
HRGO Recruitment offers a wide range of temporary job opportunities across various sectors including Automotive, Contact Centre, Driving & Logistics, Education, Events, Facilities Management, Industrial, and Office & Professional. They provide flexible work arrangements tailored to the needs of job seekers and employers.

8: Search
Search Consultancy offers a variety of temporary job opportunities across different sectors. Temping with Search can provide flexibility, variety, valuable experience, and connections within your career. They place candidates in roles ranging from office work to hospitality, property, and construction. Search also offers the convenience of back-to-back placements and the potential for higher pay rates through partnerships with companies.

9: Pertemps
Temp Job Board which is actually the board of a Recruitment Agency – offering a variety of temporary job positions across multiple sectors such as administration, healthcare, education, IT, logistics, and more, catering to a wide range of professional and geographical preferences within the UK. They provide opportunities for flexible working hours, including full-time and part-time temporary roles. To register for temporary jobs, candidates typically need to submit their details and CV providing personal information, work history, and preferences for the type of work you’re seeking.

IMPORTANT We hope you’ve found our list useful. This list rates all these agencies equally – the numbering is for reference purposes only. 

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