HR Qualifications in London- June ’24 -CIPD Level 3, CIPD Level 5 & CIPD Level 7 – Where to take them…

Best HR Qualifications and Courses in London including CIPD – In the complex and ever-evolving world of human resources, a solid educational foundation is crucial. 

HR Qualifications and Courses in London are paramount for HR professionals to be ensure they’re grounded in the latest knowledge and best practices. These establishments stand out not only for their academic excellence but also for their emphasis on real-world application, preparing students for a landscape where staying updated can significantly impact career progression and earning potential. Recognizing a need, we have compiled list, which in our opinion are the best institutions to study HR qualifications. Dive into our curated list and embark on a journey to becoming an HR trailblazer. 

**Winners June 2024**


HR Qualifications and Courses – CIPD – from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, accredited for the government recognized HR diplomas and degrees. CIPD membership is recognized Nationally and Internationally.  Their website has details of all the HR diploma courses and university degree courses available.  They also have options for teams of up to 6 people to be ‘upskilled’ with a CIPD qualification.  Dozens of study centres around London, or you can choose to study online.  

2: Find Courses
HR Qualification Management Courses with dozens of courses and providers listed in London, either Corporate Training for Teams, or Professional Training for individuals.  Courses from 2 days upward in all levels, from Introduction to Human Resources to Advanced Human Resources in all aspects of the job.

3: London Business School
HR Qualifications – Offering short courses in the form of interactive Human Resource Management Programmes.  Have a look at their website for details of current courses.

4: City University of London
Human Resources Management Course -Their 10 week short course provides an entry level introduction to HR.  Currently £460, ideal if you are either dealing with HR within your current role, or if you want to peruse a career in HR.

5: University of London
HR Qualifications & Courses – For a full degree you can study online from anywhere and take your time – up to 5 years if you have limited time to study.  The total price of your completed course will be over £14,000.

6: Birkbeck University
HR Qualifications and Courses for studying in the evening – part of London University.  Offering a CIPD accredited MSC in Human Resource Management, 2 or 3 evenings a week over 1 or 2 years.  Also available online.  Full details of course on their website.

7: University of Westminster
Human Resources Management degree – MA course – part time evenings over 2 years at a cost of over £10,000.  Detailed information about the course can be found on their website.

8: Middlesex University
Human Resource Management and Development MA Degree CIPD accredited in either 2 years part time or 1 year full time for around £11,000.

9: London Metropolitan University
Human Resource Management as a Postgraduate Diploma with a CIPD Advanced Level 7 Membership Certificate.  Full time over 1 year, or 2 evenings per week over 18 months.

10: Post Grad
Portal for Human Resource Management qualifications, includes all available courses at London Universities.

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