Which are the best HR Job & Jobs Boards in London, and which will be a waste of your time? April 2024 -the main competitors are revealed… 

HR Job Boards in London 2024 are the best way to help you find that perfect Human Resources vacancy. Companies will favour different boards, so which ones do you choose? 

HR Job Boards in London 2024 reviewed, their costs, which will help you decide where your time is best spent. In the ever-evolving landscape of human resources, knowing where to find the best opportunities is essential. We’ve meticulously curated a list of London’s most reputable HR job boards. These platforms are trusted by HR professionals for their quality listings and industry relevance. Whether you’re starting out or seeking the next step in your HR journey, our carefully selected list offers a dependable path to meaningful career opportunities.

**THE WINNERS April 2024** 

1: HR Ningas
HR Job Board with a vibrant online community for HR Professionals! Covering the whole of the UK, sign up for weekly news letters, events and a lively Facebook community page with 21.2K members.  Their job board has over 30 jobs in London.  For recruiters, if you join their Facebook community, you can have a free job post for 7 days!  For non members it’s £145 for 14 days and a bundle of 10 is £795.

2: HR Recruit
Best HR Job Board belonging directly to a Recruitment Agency with a regional network of offices throughout the UK. Search filters allowed SE England with dozens of jobs in and around London.  Their website is packed full of useful information and advice for candidates in human resources, as well as recruiting advice for potential clients.  There is a useful podcast and a calendar of useful and relevant online events. 

3: PM Jobs – CIPD
HR Job Board for professionals, this is the official HR Job Board for CIPD. Over 100 HR jobs advertised in London.  125 articles with career advice from professionals and a filter to search all the recruiters.  For recruiters, adverts start at £795 for 4 weeks there are many packages to choose from with excellent deals including targeted key words and access to thousands of CV’s in their talent pool.

4: Changeboard
Best HR Job Board connected to Future Talent Learning, a company offering a huge range of online courses to upskill within HR from apprenticeship to senior management.  A wealth of good information on the website and active Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.  International Job Board currently with 47 jobs in London.

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5: Simply HR Jobs
HR Job Board Specialist for the whole range of HR positions in all industries.  Based in Preston, just 6 jobs currently advertised in London.  No information on prices for ads, but worth getting in touch as this job board was on the first page of google for HR Job boards.  For candidates you can create an account and receive job alerts.

6: The Guardian Jobs
HR Job Board attached to this well respected newspaper.  Over 300 HR jobs advertised in London. For employers, prices for job ads start at £575 for a 30 day posting with huge reach of over a million candidates signed up to one of London’s most respected Job boards.

7. Indeed
Best HR Job Board for volume, with a world wide coverage, over 4000 HR jobs in London.  These are aggregated from other websites and job boards via a search engine. Based in America with a UK website that works in conjunction with other sites, including Glassdoor, where you can find reviews of the employers!

8: CV Library
Job Board that was also the first in 1995.  Also listing courses and career advice with interview advice, cover letters and CV’s.  Over 1000 HR jobs in London.  Easy to upload CV’s and apply for jobs.

And now for the WORST HR JOB BOARDS:

  • Our advice is to not spend time registering your CV unless you have seen the site has a selection of HR jobs you’re interested in.
  • Make sure you’ve unticked or ticked, the right setting preferences so you don’t get inundated with marketing emails!

FINALLY check DO LinkedIn regularly for HR job vacancies – as companies often advertise their roles there before handing them over to agencies or jobs boards.

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IMPORTANT We hope you’ve found our list useful. This list rates all these agencies equally – the numbering is for reference purposes only. 

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Released 25th May 2024