We have had a LOT of VERY HELPFUL answers to the questions put forward by members.

No names mentioned, but members are all corporate law firms and investment banks in the City.

Does anyone have a Nespresso Momento Coffee machine in their workplace? It’s a smaller machine designed for around 30-40 cups per day. For us, it would just be for clients. I’d love to know what they think of it.

  • We use Nespresso on client floors, some meeting rooms and in our internal kitchen. Everyone is very happy with how they work.
  • No. But we don’t have a common area for clients to sit around and wait either as we want to get them into the meeting room as quickly as possible. In the rooms I think Nespresso machines are a bit disruptive – either the noise or people queuing to do their own coffee.
  • Yes we do, and is very popular!