Functions of a Receptionist

Functions of a Receptionist The functions of a receptionist are widely misunderstood and underappreciated. Whatever environment we are working in financial institutions, restaurants, offices, hotels, clinics etc essentially our number one priority is to be that initial welcome, source of information and go to point. That first point of contact for the guest, a first […]

What does a receptionist do?

What does a receptionist do, you ask? Well, we could say it is all galas and glamour, meeting famous and wealthy people, smiles and service…..We could say that but you know, deep in your heart, that the duties of a receptionist go beyond just being a #hospitalityhero and smooth socialiser! The qualities of a receptionist […]

Reception Manager at large city Investment Bank reveals how she was promoted

Reception Manager at large city Investment Bank reveals how she was promoted Now in charge of a large team of 8 receptionists this FOH Manager gives you a good insight into her progression up the ladder   What qualifications did you leave education with? I left School with 5 GCSEs What was your first job […]

Receptionist cv Template

Receptionist CV Template Below we have laid out a receptionist CV template for you to use. We have a lot more tips and pointers which are essential to have your receptionist CV picked up by a corporate recruiter including the Do’s and DO NOT’s. Find this in our receptionist guidebook section Name      Profile […]

Duties of a good receptionist

Duties of a good receptionist This is the personal account of how How to Succeed I was 22 when I first started working as a Corporate receptionist for a large bank. I had no corporate experience but was working as a receptionist at a dental surgery. I was so pleased that the interviewer from the […]

How to be a good front desk receptionist – and get promoted!

How to be a good front desk receptionist …and get promoted. Written by the FOH manager of one of the largest corporate teams in London. I left school with Very basic O Level Maths, English and Drama; I wanted to be an actress. Attended Drama school in the evenings and got myself an agent, did […]

Careers after Cabin Crew

Careers after Cabin Crew How I survived- from Jet set to get set Cabin crew to Corporate Reception What could be a better job than exploring new cities, new countries for a living? Venturing as and when you feel like it out of your 4*, minimum, grade hotel to discover the local area with fun […]

Fight!! When the PAs or Catering Team clash with Reception

Fight!! When the PAs or Catering Team clash with Reception “Oh, sorry, I thought you said you were taking care of that?” “I didn’t receive that email, sorry I didn’t know about the meeting!” “But I thought we had agreed Wednesday?” These are just some examples of infuriating declarations that we (as receptionists) hear regularly […]

Corporate Receptionist Training

Corporate Receptionist Training Your Front of House is the heart of your business Who does your business represent? What does your business look like in the world, and how does your business want the world to look? Your business can shape the look of the world through the powerful visual representation of itself. The purposeful […]

Job progression through Reception

FOH Manager in Corporate US Law Firm give her back-story In charge of 4 receptionists and a catering team, we hear their advice on career development through Front of House. I was 40 when I first worked as a receptionist. I was mid-divorce with three young children, so could no longer continue with my freelance […]

Is reception really that hard?

Reception reflection – what makes us #hospitalityheroes? OK, someone needs to say it, so here it goes, being nice to people all day, everyday is TOUGH, right? Right. It definitely takes a certain type of individual to do it, flawlessly, exceptionally, DAILY.  So what motivates us to deliver in our roles?  For me, its as […]

A Tale of Temp City

I called Sydney, Australia home, until June when I packed up my suitcase, quit my job and moved to London for a change in scenery, and to be closer to travel opportunities in Europe. Like most people that move here, and possibly yourself, the first few weeks after arriving were extremely daunting. With my savings […]

From Cabin Crew to my ideal Reception job

I first started looking for jobs when I realised that I’d reached my ‘best by’ date in my flying career. I was Cabin Crew for almost 5 years, having joined at the early age of 18. As glamorous as the job can be – jetting to the Caribbean one week and being in the Far […]


THE WORST THINGS TO DO ON RECEPTION We have been providing London’s legal and financial world with their corporate polished temporary and permanent receptionists for over 15 years. During each initial consultation we have asked what issues they have faced previously. Starting from the least common answer at Number 10, we count down to the […]

Reception Manager Salary

Reception Manager Salary Survey 2019 Reception Manager Salaries vary greatly depending on the type of business they are working in and the amount of receptionists they supervise. Importantly the higher salaries are often given to those candidates who performed exceptionally well in interviews – please take a look at our interview receptionist guide book for […]

Receptionist Salary

Receptionist Salary Survey 2019 Receptionists salaries vary greatly depending on the type of business they are working in, and also the level of communication skills and how the receptionist performs during their interview (see receptionist guide book). Below we have put together some guidelines, however do remember these are just averages taken from placements we […]


We all know of the pressure a Receptionist faces when there is mouth-watering food left over from a Partners lunch meeting… do they take the chance and shove it in their mouth while no one is looking or do they casually walk by and arrange for the room to be cleared, obviously thinking of the un-necessary calories and […]


A client arrived at the ground floor to sign in, receptionist asked to take his name and the client replied “CLARK NO E” The receptionist replied “And how are you spelling the Noee?” Client replied “No My Name is CLARK NO E!”  “Yes but Noeee is rather unusual and I can’t find you on our […]

Great Dane

I was on my own on the desk when a client walked in with a huge dog- a Great Dane which proceeded to bounce around all over the sofas in reception. The client was insistent that he see a lawyer immediately as he was convinced someone was trying to kidnap his dog.  He would not […]

Old Woman

One of our receptionists saw an elderly woman sitting in reception, and so went over to see if she could help her when she bent down to talk to her she realised the woman had a carrier bag full of foul smelling rotten fruit. “Can I help you at all?” Our receptionist asked her” The […]

Pest Control

I was temping once where there was a receptionist I had to work with who was paranoid about people moving her things, and she was sure the place was infested with mice, the fact that no one saw them didn’t seem to put her off. Then when one day she had a bite taken out […]

Stuck in Her Room

I work on reception in a 5 star London hotel. One evening I took an internal call from one of our single guest rooms. The lady was English and well-spoken, but appeared to be having a panic attack. She said she couldn’t get out of her room and needed immediate assistance. I tried to calm […]

A New Boy On Reception

The receptionist I usually work with was going on maternity leave. She was generally quite lazy, really not flexible, and not really into the whole receptionist buzz, so I was looking forward to seeing who they’d get to replace her for a few months. The receptionist contracted from the agency turned out to be the […]

Red Blooded Banter

I was once working on a reception desk where my boss thought he was so funny, he was constantly cornering you to retell a really old joke and everyone would have to laugh otherwise he got moody. It was a PR agency, and most of the other staff were women, and I guess he liked […]

Playing Hard To Get

I read about your previous anecdotes and thought I’d let you know about something which happened at a Hotel I was a receptionist for in New York. I once received some flowers on Valentine’s Day from one of the doormen working there. He was a nice guy, but really unconfident, very shy and extremely nervous […]

Big Bag o’ Money

I supervise a team of receptionists who usually have a lot to say for themselves, but recently things changed. I was passing by this particular reception which is on the ground floor and noticed two of my team standing motionless looking dumbstruck, mouths agape. They had on the reception desk a sports bag which was […]

How To Impress Clients

Back when I was a junior receptionist in my first real job I was working for a major web design company that had a lot of cool high profile clients.  Well… one day a very important client walked in for a meeting and noticed a lovely plant we just had delivered for the reception area. As […]

She Didn’t Look Like Trouble

I was covering reception, it was my first day temping on the smart reception of an advertising agency near Covent Garden.  The Owner of the company had already made it quite obvious she didn’t think I was up to the job. I had a two hour hand-over, then the rest of the office staff headed […]

Stupid Questions

For the sake of putting a naughty Christmas smile on your faces; we asked a group of receptionists to come up with the answers they’d love to give but couldn’t  (something to do with wanting to keep their jobs..) for those questions that get under your skin…. I had a missed call from this number, can […]

I Need A Lawyer

I work on the reception area of a large Corporate Law Firm. One day a man came in off the street, he was obviously very angry. “I want to see someone sharpish” he said. “Right Sir,” I said “How can we help you?” “You can run off and get me a lawyer naaaa.” I must […]

Cabin Crew to Receptionist

From Cabin Crew to Corporate Receptionist Mary had made the decision – she’d decided to leave her life in the air and join the land lovers So here I am with first-day-at-school nerves, just embarking on my new life in the city, starting work as a receptionist. It happened quite suddenly; I was coming into […]

Be Nice To Receptionists

A number of articles have appeared recently in US news items, illustrating the importance of impressing the receptionist when attending job interviews – no matter how important the position in question. Receptionist has revenge! CNN published a letter from a receptionist complaining about her treatment by job candidates who were less than discourteous on their […]

Telephone Etiquette

A good phone manner can leave a lasting impression on both you and your company. Sun Moritz offers advice to FOH readers Good manners are something that almost everyone’s mother drilled into them at birth.  Do you ever remember those times where you could almost feel the eagle eyes of your parents burning into your […]

Stress Management

Stress Management Phones are ringing, a client is waiting to be checked in, a courier is anxious to get a signature on a delivery and you are on the phone to the guest in room 1710 who is complaining that the room is too small. Oh yes, the courier is starting to get irritated because […]

Personal Safety

By The Lifestyle Guy With so much “sensationalised” media coverage nowadays concerning “street crime” and particular “teenage knife culture” and attacks against individuals, it’s no surprise that there is a certain amount of justified fear and paranoia surrounding personal safety. The truth is that violent crime against individuals are indeed very rare but there is […]

Interview With Tim Grant Of Taylor Wessing

BINOCULARS INCLUDED ‘I’ve reserved us a meeting-room for 1pm – binoculars included.’ Tim Grant Head of Facilities Taylor Wessing I read the message twice just to be sure; and wondered just how far he’d put the meeting rooms from the lift. Taylor Wessing was one of the few top international law firms I had never […]