“You’ll never guess what happened to me on reception…. “

Well now it is your opportunity to tell everyone! Earn money AND the chance of winning the editorial monthly & yearly prizes!!!

Editorial Monthly Prize: £50

Editorial Yearly Prize: £500

Story & Submissions Entry Page

All you have to do is submit to one of the five main categories:


Receptionists Tell All

What is it like to be a receptionist in the world today?
Temp, perm, part time… your reasons for doing reception. Likes, dislikes. The good the bad and the down right ugly. Tell us the truth.

Front of House Managers Tell All

What is it like to manage a team of receptionists? How did you get promoted? How do you keep your team happy? How do you keep them motivated?

Going the extra mile 

Your true anecdotes about how you went further than the next receptionist to impress… inspire and motivate with your story!

It was a funny day on reception

EVERYONE has had some funny days on reception – tell us your best true stories… remember that day that… now’s your chance to make us laugh!

Problem Page

Not getting on with a team member or your boss? Been over looked for promotion? Done something wrong and not sure whether to tell? Let us do our best to help you. We’ll put your problem to our panel of FOH Managers.

Story & Submissions Entry Page