We have had a LOT of VERY HELPFUL answers to the questions put forward by members.

No names mentioned, but members are all corporate law firms and investment banks in the City.

Do other firms charge for tea, coffee and biscuits? If so, how much?

  • Complimentary here.
  • We do not charge for refreshments in any of the rooms.
  • No we don’t charge at present but don’t put out biscuits although we have snack baskets on request – we are going to start charging for these as they are becoming popular!
  • We give the first round of tea, coffee, water and biscuits (TCWB) complimentary in the first instance for events and the refresh is chargeable at 1.35 per person.
  • No, I have a central catering budget to cover this.
  • £4 per person!
  • No, it’s under staff entertainment cost code
  • Yes we do and we charge £3.50 for a full refreshment including fresh cookies
  • We charge for tea/coffee/biscuits etc @ £4:50 per head
  • Only to clients / charged as a client beverage tray
  • No.
  • All catering comes at a cost that is charged back to either a Nominal Charge Code or Matter Number. I am unsure of what the exact cost is, but it’s not anything massive.