We have had a LOT of VERY HELPFUL answers to the questions put forward by members.

No names mentioned, but members are all corporate law firms and investment banks in the City.

Does anyone use Faux Flowers in the reception area/meeting rooms and if so can they recommend a supplier?

  • We do not have any artificial flowers we have orchid displays that get changed monthly and watered weekly our supplier is plant design.
  • I would recommend our florist but she is a very small independent so not sure she would be able to accommodate another company – but I can ask if you are interested.
  • We use paper flowers, recycled from old non confidential branded literature.
  • Head Office – Weekly fresh flowers
  • Satellite Office – monthly orchid display
  • No! Artificial flowers collect dust, so I avoid it!
  • We do not use Faux Flowers but we use NB flowers and Hayford & Rhodes
  • Early Hours Ltd is an excellent company who specialise in Faux flowers and also excellent florists.