We have had a LOT of VERY HELPFUL answers to the questions put forward by members.

No names mentioned, but members are all corporate law firms and investment banks in the City.

Can the members recommend a really good catering delivery firm (for client & internal meetings) ? We don’t prepare any food on site – all catering currently arrives ready to be served on reusable platters.

  • No, but I would be very interested in the answer for my next role as they also don’t have on site catering!
  • Would love to also know of any good catering delivery firm it seems they are hard to find since covid.
  • For high standard, then this Country City Catering could help. They have catered for some great events for us, the owners are both excellent hands-on chefs and really nice people.
  • I use local firms in other cities where we have offices, and would always advise going with a smaller sandwich style shop – as quality and price are normally of a better standard.
  • Just eat for business – they do sustainable packaging options.
  • An alternative catering supplier is a company called Fika Catering.