A move so often considered by those that work in hotels and restaurants as taking the easy route… second fiddle to ‘real’ hospitality… why is that? Let’s re-think that perception. After all, the people working in or running these corporate companies are the people that are staying in your fancy hotels and dining in your expensive restaurants. They’re your family holiday suite bookings, your volume corporate rates, your tasting menus and your fine wine.

Why then shouldn’t they want the service delivered at their companies to be considered in the same league as the best hotels and restaurants? Why shouldn’t that incredible service received from a hotel or restaurant, seamlessly flow through their business too? Why shouldn’t they aim to be even better and why shouldn’t it be exciting to deliver that?

People visiting or dealing with the world’s top companies don’t lose their expectations while they’re in work mode. While they may hide it better, they don’t forgive or forget poor service just because they aren’t paying in the traditional way for it and they’ll still be delighted by those that make them feel significant or special.

In corporate hospitality you’ve got the ability to put someone in a good mood for the rest of their day, to make or break a meeting, to facilitate the brokering of a billion dollar deal or to be the differentiator in convincing someone to partner with your company and not the competition. You’re more than likely also going to have a whole load of great technology and significant investment to help you deliver this!

The best teams in corporate hospitality are aware there’s no one size fits all approach to this and yes, while it’s great the hours are generally shorter, you get the weekends off and will most likely be paid a bit more (shh!), don’t confuse that with it being easy. They’re still dealing in experiences and the best are aware that experience is a tricky word. Just as in any world class hotel or restaurant, at the end of the day, it’s about ‘happiness’ and that’s a complicated and challenging opportunity to deliver upon.

I’m writing this article because I’d love for more people to get excited about this opportunity and for those talented people working in hotels and restaurants to realise that if you’re motivated and passionate, moving into corporate hospitality doesn’t have to be a cop-out or boring.

So take the work-life balance, the Monday to Friday and the (generally) higher pay but if you’re reading this and considering it, please make sure you don’t make the jump only because of that. To be your best you still need a purpose and something to drive you. Maintain that mind-set of delivering world-class, personal, creative service and you’ll find a heck of a lot of ways in the corporate world to make a difference!

Article by Tim, FOH Manager, overseeing 50 receptionists in Corporate Finance

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