Going the Extra Mile in Corporate Reception – Inspirational Stories

Going The Extra Mile is often in the smallest detail

Real inspirational anecdotes from the cream of London’s FOH Managers

Below we have some truly inspiring true stories where a receptionist or reception manager has gone ‘The Extra Mile’ (Revealed during one of our front of house Managers forums.)

“Whenever we have a certain broadcaster visiting us, we make sure that all of our visible TV screens in the client areas are tuned into their channel.  Likewise when we have clients who own beverage brands we ensure there aren’t any drinks from their competitors displayed in their meeting rooms.”

“We had some clients fly in – from a country England happened to be playing against in a European football match that night.  So we booked our room with the biggest screen, set it up cinema style, with beer of course, quickly made up some flags for them to wave whilst they watched the match, and just to go the extra mile – I believe we even arranged for England to lose the match to give them that… feel good feeling!!”

“We had a guest who arrived early to set up a presentation for a large group of people. On arrival our receptionist noticed they were struggling with a really bad cold. While the presenter was busy elsewhere our receptionist left them a lemon & ginger tea and their meeting-room, on return the presenter was pleasantly surprised and relieved to find the remedy.  She was hugely complimentary of the special touch which aided her delivery of her presentation.”

“A managing partner from one of our other offices abroad was flying in to spend a few weeks in London and needed accommodation. I sourced them an apartment that fitted their requirements, actually viewing a number of places and also organised passport applications for their children.”

“We often have Japanese clients in the company. One of the members in my team, made a point of learning a few words in Japanese so that she could meet/greet these clients in their own language.  They were so impressed and appreciative, that every time they visit the office they bring the team goodies to say thank you for looking after them.”

“We have a regular guest who has an absolute phobia of confined spaces and lifts so they insist on taking the stairs – our fit client hosts walk up the 11 floors with them!”

“When a senior partner left the firm a few years back, they asked if I could send them one of our company paper diaries when they come out each year. I have stuck to this and I get a call each year to thank me. I’m sure Smiths to a pretty good one but hey-ho!”

“It was 7am and a large event was due to start at 7:30am, however the host was panicking as sunlight was shining right into their projector. All our meeting rooms were booked that day. However my quick thinking team member began juggling and as the minutes ticked by she managed to shuffle a few around and vacate a room on the darker side of the building in time. The event of 40 visitors started on the dot, with their hosts were extremely happy with the outcome and emailed our Management with a fab feedback. We rewarded our Receptionist with a shopping voucher!!!”

“One of my team use to work in the wardrobe department for the English National Opera  and has been known to sew buttons on clients coats or mend clients ripped trousers, of course with the clients consent !! And not when they were wearing them!!”

“Checking the meeting reservations for the week ahead I noticed one of the reoccurring meetings was missing from the following day’s schedule. This was a weekly meeting hosted by one of the top partners of the firm. First, I decided to contact the partner’s EA just to make sure it was not cancelled on purpose, which wasn’t the case. Once the EA realised, she started to freak out as she forgot to book the usual meeting room with the usual lunch requirements. I started to check all around campus, moving bookings around and contacting people as well as the catering department with such a short notice. Despite being an extremely busy day, I managed to book the very same room they normally had with the very same catering requirements. Eventually, everything went well without the partners realising what happened behind the scene, although it was a very stressful situation for both the EA and myself. Afterwards, she was very grateful and gave me a lovely thank you card and a huge box of chocolates! She also nominated me for our National Customer Service Awards which I won!”

And lastly – something to put a smile on your faces.

“We are occasionally asked to baby sit children in a separate meeting room whilst a partner or client discuss business. We had a pair once, little bundles of joy… who got very bored very quickly. One of them began pounding the meeting room door with their fists and screaming.
A short way down the corridor, in the reception area, a gentleman looked at our receptionist and said “I’m guessing that chaps not so happy with his legal bill?” ”

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