Back when I was a junior receptionist in my first real job I was working for a major web design company that had a lot of cool high profile clients.  Well… one day a very important client walked in for a meeting and noticed a lovely plant we just had delivered for the reception area. As the client was such an important one I wanted to do my bit for the company, so armed with a new found urge to impress I enlightened him with the name of the plant “This is what’s known as an ANTHURIUM…” See image above *giggles*

When the client leaned forward to catch a scent of the plant he exclaimed it didn’t have one….

WELL…. THAT just wouldn’t DO and seeing as a few weeks prior I had been watching a nature programme about plants and the such – I remembered a segment about THIS particular plant…. so I decided to re-enact the process of extracting the plant’s “natural scent”… I didn’t explain what I was doing because I thought the surprise would be brilliant.   So with forefinger and thumb I began RAPIDLY “encouraging” it’s scent. After a couple of minutes tugging happily away, I looked up to see the client in complete shock and horror and remembered I had yet to explain what I was doing.  Before I could catch myself I’d stuck out my fingers and asked him if he fancied sniffing them…. somebody stop me!!!!I thought I was going to die on the spot when the full extent of what I’d just done hit me, the bright red glow from the clients face was enough to warrant an emergency evacuation. Needless to say I finished attacking said plant erotically and went back to my desk, head down.


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