Best Engineering Jobs and Job Boards in London –  July 2024 are revealed…

Which are the best Engineering Jobs & Job Boards in London for July 2024 – We dive into the thrilling world of Engineering Jobs, where creativity meets practicality, and your innovations can literally reshape the future! From building bridges to programming AI, these roles invite you to bring your imagination to life and solve the puzzles of our modern world.

Engineering Jobs & Jobs Boards help you explore the gateway to your next career move, see our opinion of the ultimate resource for connecting ambitious engineers with the latest opportunities in their field. 

Winners July 2024!

The Engineer Jobs
Engineering Jobs board which has a specialised platform offering a wide range of engineering job listings across various sectors including aerospace, automotive, civil/structural, electrical/electronic, environmental, and many more. It caters to both job seekers and employers by facilitating job applications and the posting of job adverts. The site allows candidates to easily apply for jobs and employers to reach a targeted audience.

Engineering Jobs
Engineering Jobs Board which offers a platform with over 32,464 engineering job listings across various sectors such as civil, mechanical, design, manufacturing engineering and more. It facilitates job seekers in finding roles ranging from entry-level to managerial positions. Candidates can register their CVs for easy application and set up job alerts for tailored job notifications. For recruiters, the site provides access to a vast CV database and job advertisement opportunities to over 600,000 engineering professionals. The website supports job searches in major UK cities and offers detailed career advice.

Engineering Jobs Board which has a comprehensive job board tailored for engineers across the U.S. and Canada, featuring thousands of job listings in a variety of engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, biomedical, and chemical engineering. The platform allows job seekers to search for jobs by discipline, state, city, and work experience level, from entry-level to senior positions. It caters to a broad range of engineering fields and locations, facilitating easy job search and application processes for candidates. For recruiters, provides visibility to a vast audience of engineering professionals.

GreenJobs Engineering
Engineering Jobs Board that only covers engineering roles within the environmental and renewable energy sectors. It currently lists 9 engineering jobs, showcasing its niche in connecting talent with opportunities in green engineering, including solar and wind energy, hydrology, and sustainable engineering practices. The platform encourages candidates to register, upload their CV, and apply directly for jobs, facilitating a streamlined application process. For employers, it offers targeted recruitment solutions to attract qualified candidates. Engineering Jobs
Engineering Job Board which includes a wide range of engineering jobs across various specialties, such as mechanical, electrical, civil, and software engineering. The platform features numerous job listings and allows candidates to apply directly for positions. It supports job searches by location, specialization, and job type, catering to a diverse audience of engineering professionals.

The Chemical Engineer Job Board
Engineering Jobs Board which is powered by the Institution of Chemical Engineers, specializes in chemical and process engineering jobs. It currently lists 348 live vacancies, offering roles in diverse areas like energy, refining, chemicals, insurance risk, safety, petrochemicals, and oil & gas. The site caters to a global audience, including jobs in the UK, EMEA, and other regions, emphasizing positions that require specific engineering expertise. Job seekers can easily search for roles, apply, and upload CVs, while employers have targeted advertising opportunities.

Engineering Jobs Board which was established in 1999, is a UK-based job board catering to the engineering sector, offering a wide range of job listings. It allows employers to post job advertisements for £169.00 +VAT, providing a cost-effective solution compared to similar platforms. The site is known for its affordability and the provision of CV searches for recruiters. It caters to the entire engineering industry, offering targeted hiring solutions and featuring candidate matching tools.

CIBSE Journal
Engineering jobs board which is the official job board for the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, focusing on all areas of building services engineering. The site lists jobs across various specialties like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and sustainability, among others. It aims to efficiently connect employers with potential employees, covering both permanent and interim positions, from junior to senior levels. Recruiters can post jobs, search candidates, and filter applications.

Engineering Job Board which has since 2000 been the leading UK job board, boasts over 19 million CVs and 10 million monthly visits, offering comprehensive recruitment solutions across all sectors. Its engineering jobs section targets specific industry needs, drawing qualified candidates. Renowned for competitive job advertising and CV search packages, CV-Library ensures wide exposure for postings and high user satisfaction. The platform facilitates easy job applications and provides transparent pricing for recruiters.

Simply Engineering Jobs
Engineering Jobs Board that only covers engineering disciplines, offering a select range of job listings in CNC programming, electrical, and gas engineering. It aims to connect job seekers with recruiters through a focused approach, providing job alerts and easy application processes for candidates, and advertisement opportunities for employers. However, information on applicant numbers, platform history, or advertisement costs was not specified. The site also features a blog with career advice and industry news, serving as a resource for both job seekers and employers in the engineering sector.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Engineering Jobs Board which is powered by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), offers a specialized job board for engineering and technology roles. It caters to a wide range of disciplines, including Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering, among others, with job listings in various sectors like Defence, Cyber Security, and Renewable Energy. The platform provides a comprehensive job search and application process for candidates and allows employers to post jobs and search for qualified candidates. The IET, as Europe’s largest engineering membership body with over 170,000 members, plays a significant role in matching recruiters with engineering and technology talent annually.


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