Marketing Recruitment Agencies in London for Dec ’23. But which ones are best? The main competitors are revealed…and you wont believe who made the list.

Which Marketing Recruitment Agencies & Digital Marketing Recruitment in London Dec ’23 are the ones to trust with your CV and how to spot the not-so-great members of the recruitment world.

Marketing Recruitment Agencies in London are reviewed. Unimpressed by the CVs you received for Creative or Digital Marketing and the candidates you met were lacking the energy to match your firm’s vision, you decide to widen the search. But who do you go to? Welcome to the definitive guide to London’s top sales recruitment agencies. Whether you’re an ambitious candidate seeking your next career-defining opportunity or a dynamic company in pursuit of transformative talent, you’ve arrived at the right place. We have reviewed the best agencies, along with our own, and some basic details of these firms to save you time trawling through websites for the info. 

**The Winners December 2023**

1: Market Recruitment
Marketing Recruitment Agency in London, with a small but lively team and jobs in London and the South East.  Only working with B2B Marketers and Technology, they are proud of their marketing knowledge and methods of recruitment, focusing on quality job advertising, existing candidates and head hunting. 

2: Front Marketing*
Marketing Recruitment Agency in London – Front stands out as a niche headhunter in the Creative, Digital, Tech, and SaaS sectors, focusing on senior marketing positions from management to executive level. Established in 2006, the firm specializes in attracting elite candidates not actively searching, ensuring each vacancy is meticulously matched to the ideal profile through a thorough search and selection process.

3: Intelligent People  
Marketing Recruitment Agency with roles in London; their boutique consultancy has been operating for over 20 years, combining ecommerce and product management Jobs in the South East with some opportunities for home based working. Feedback from candidates is excellent, so they certainly treat their marketeers with care and attention.

4: Spotlight Recruitment   
Marketing Recruitment Agency based in London, City, and specialising in Communications and Digital with a team of recruiters who are all ex-marketing professionals. Operating since 2008 they cover all industries and most levels. They have a great reputation and understand the industry well.

5. Kindred Recruitment
Marketing Recruitment Agency based in London, City; Kindred works with all industries, from small start ups to global corporations, and handles vacancies from entry level graduate marketing role to industry leader level, and they have been impressing clients since their formation in 2012.

6: VMA Group
Marketing Recruitment Agency in London if you’re looking for a firm with international capabilities to handle all your temporary, interim and permanent marketing roles. Established for over 40 years, these recruiters offer coaching to not only their candidates to assist with the onboarding however also offer management, strategic thinking and performance coaching for their regular clients.

7: EMR Recruitment
Marketing Recruitment Agency in London – specializing in Digital, Communications, Data, Creative and Executive Search.  Established for over 28 years, large team recruiting top creative talent for a wide selection of marketing jobs.  Website jobs, salaries 30K to 100K+ and a number of positions working from home.  

8: Stop Gap  
Best Marketing Recruitment Agency in London, if you’re looking for freelance marketeers along with permanent staff, specialising in Creative, Digital and Tech jobs at all levels.  Majority of jobs London-based but many remote working positions available.  A large team of specialist recruiters with expert knowledge of marketing and executive search. 

9: Blu Digital
Marketing & Creative Recruitment Agency in London, specialist in Digital, Creative, Ecommerce, Product and Technology.  Expert in Digital and Ecommerce, Managing Director also runs a global networking hub for digital and ecommerce leaders.  Jobs advertised in London and a number of remote positions available. 

10: We Are Aspire
Marketing Recruiting Agency  in London and 4 other major UK cities as well as Singapore and New York.  Covering other job sectors as well, see their website for more detail, but specializing in executive talent searches and networking and specialists in Marketing.

11: 3Search
Best Marketing Recruitment Agency in London if you wish to engage an agency which makes their customer service their highest priority. They have some incredible reviews from candidates who are very pleased with how they’re treated and they can cover a large spectrum of marketing roles.  Digital Marketing, Social Media, Communications & PR, CRM, Product management, Performance, E-commerce and more.

12: Success Talent    
Marketing Recruitment Agency Specialist with offices in London and Manchester.  Jobs in London advertised on their website are management digital marketing and creative positions with high end salaries. 

13: Major Players   
Marketing Recruitment Agency advertising Digital, Marketing, Creative and Tech jobs, mostly in London but also throughout the UK.  A very large team of recruiters, profiles available on the website.

14: DNA Recruit
One of the Marketing Recruitment Agencies which cover all the various disciplines within the field.  Based in London, team of experienced recruiters with profiles available to view on the website.  All marketing jobs available are London based. 

15: Better Placed
Marketing Recruitment Agency in London, but also Leeds & Manchester and is one of the largest independent recruitment ​consultancies in the UK and are a 2023 Sunday Times Top 100 company to work for. They specialise in marketing, digital, tech, FMCG and executive search, and market themselves as having one of the the largest and most diverse networks of clients and candidates.

16: Reuben Sinclair    
London Recruitment Agency with a specialist Marketing Recruitment Team, profiles available on the website.  Get in touch to find out about marketing and creative vacancies or talk about their talent pool of experienced marketers! 

17: Ball & Hoolahan
Established over 30 years in London, The best Marketing Recruitment Agency for a London based job, across a broad range of sectors and marketing roles. Their website has a selection of senior positions in 5 main areas, including retail and corporate, some hybrid working.  Good website, lots of information available and recent news items, easy to upload your CV for the new positions as they come on

18. Ambition
International Recruitment Agency for the Professional Services sector, specifically Law firms, Accountancy and Consultancy, and with specialist sector for senior positions in Marketing and Communications.  London office currently has over 30 jobs, many in Business Development but also Marketing and Communication. Social Media includes LinkedIn with worldwide jobs and 47 in London.

19. Salt Recruitment
Global Digital Recruitment Agency, with specialist Marketing Recruitment division, and several pages of Marketing jobs in London.

20. Cranberry Panda
eCommerce Recruitment Agency which specialise in sourcing permanent and contract talent across the UK, Europe and America, for eCommerce and digital roles at executive, management, head of, director and C-Suite level.


AND Now for the WORST Marketing Agencies…. 

Without actually naming the companies, we list the top 12 worst practices which, from reading their reviews on various platforms including Glassdoor, marketing recruitment agencies have carried out practices like…

  1. Convincing candidates to go for roles they know they would ultimately dislike or would not benefit their careers.
  2. Lack of Niche Understanding: Marketing has multiple specializations, from digital to content to product. Agencies that don’t understand these nuances can misplace candidates.
  3. Overhyping Traditional Experience: Focusing too heavily on traditional marketing backgrounds and under-valuing digital or contemporary skills that are now vital.
  4. Opaque Fee Structures: Not being transparent about the pricing, especially for senior roles or specialized hires which might command different fee structures. Keeping temp & contract fees unexplained or ambiguous so clients aren’t aware of how little the candidates are actually receiving.
  5. Overemphasizing Tools Over Strategy: Placing too much importance on candidates’ familiarity with specific marketing tools, rather than their strategic or creative thinking abilities.
  6. Not Keeping Up with Trends: Marketing is ever-evolving. Agencies that aren’t up-to-date with the latest platforms, tactics, or algorithms can provide outdated advice or candidates.
  7. Neglecting Cultural Fit: In the creative world of marketing, a candidate’s fit with a company’s culture is paramount. Overlooking this can lead to short-term hires and disruptions.
  8. Not Prioritizing Soft Skills: In marketing, skills like communication, teamwork, and adaptability are key. Agencies that focus only on hard skills might overlook well-rounded candidates.
  9. Overemphasis on Buzzwords: Prioritizing candidates who “speak the lingo” without ensuring they possess the actual skills or understanding behind these terms.
  10. Misleading Job Descriptions: Advertising roles as “exciting growth opportunities” without clarifying potential mundane tasks or highlighting challenges
  11. Ghosting After Interviews: Failing to provide feedback or updates after interviews, leaving candidates in the dark about their standing.
  12. Push for Unsuitable Roles: Pressuring candidates to accept roles that aren’t a good fit for their skills or career goals just to fill a quota. and neglecting Career Path Conversations: Not discussing or understanding a candidate’s long-term aspirations within the marketing realm.

So choose wisely because each agency is different, however most importantly are the people there you deal with. Find one you trust with your gut. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list, see below for the best Marketing Job boards – 

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