Which are the best Marketing Recruitment Agencies in London? The main competitors are revealed… 

Marketing Recruitment Agencies in London, our top 10 awards go to… 

Marketing Recruitment Agencies are often the specialists you turn to, when you’re generalist consultancy hasn’t quite come up with goods. We take a look at the options. UPDATED March 2022 

**The Winners in 2022**

1: EMR Recruitment 

Best Marketing Recruitment Agency, specializing in Digital, Communications, Data, Creative and Executive Search.  Established for over 28 years, large team recruiting for a wide selection of marketing jobs.  Website jobs, salaries 30K to 100K+ and a number of positions working from home. 

Social Media includes recently active Twitter and LinkedIn pages with jobs advertised.

Google rating 4.4* with 43 reviews.

2: Stop Gap  

Best Marketing Recruitment Agency with Creative, Digital and Tech jobs available at all levels.  Majority of jobs London-based but many remote working positions available.  They say they have a large team of specialist recruiters with expert knowledge of marketing and executive search.

Very active marketing on Social Media with recent posts and job ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Google rating 4.8* with 127 reviews.

3: Intelligent People  

Marketing Recruitment Agency based in St Albans, combining ecommerce and product management Jobs in London and the South East with some opportunities for home based working.

Social media includes regular posts and job alerts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Google rating 4.7* with 46 reviews.

4: Blu Digital  

London based Marketing Recruitment Agency, specialist in Digital, Creative, Ecommerce, Product and Technology.  Expert in Digital and Ecommerce, Managing Director also runs a global networking hub for digital and ecommerce leaders.  Jobs advertised in London and a number of remote positions available.

Social Media marketing includes recent posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Google rating 4.3* with 29 reviews

5: Aspire   

Best Marketing Recruiting Agency with offices in 5 major UK cities as well as Singapore and New York.  Covering other job sectors as well, see their website for more detail, but specializing in executive talent searches and networking and specialists in Marketing.

Social Media including recent posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Google rating 3.3* with 100 reviews.

6: Spotlight Recruitment   

London Marketing Recruitment Consultancy specialising in Communications and Digital with a team of recruiters who all ex-marketing professionals.

Social Media includes recent posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Google rating 4.9* with 67 reviews.

7: Success Talent    

Marketing Recruitment Agency Specialist with offices in London and Manchester.  Jobs in London advertised on their website are management digital marketing positions with high end salaries. 

8: Major Players   

Marketing Recruitment Agency advertising Digital, Marketing, Creative and Tech jobs, mostly in London but also throughout the UK.  Very large team of recruiters, profiles available on the website.

Social media includes recent posts on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Google rating 3.8* with 127 reviews

9: DNA Recruit

One of the Marketing Recruitment Agencies which cover all the various disciplines within the field.  Based in London, team of experienced recruiters with profiles available to view on the website.  All marketing jobs available are London based.

Social media includes regular and recent posts and job alerts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Google rating 5* with 2 reviews

10: Reuben Sinclair    

London Recruitment Agency with a specialist Marketing Recruitment Team, profiles available on the website.  Get in touch to find out about marketing vacancies or talk about their talent pool of experienced marketers!

Social media includes regular posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Google rating 4.7* with 47 reviews


IMPORTANT We hope you’ve found our list useful. This list rates all these agencies equally – the numbering is for reference purposes only. 

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