Which are the best Marketing Jobs Boards in London April ’24 – The main competitors are revealed… but which are the best?

Marketing Job Boards in London for  2024 April can unlock the secret vault of top-tier marketing and sales opportunities waiting for you.

Marketing Job boards in London in 2024 can help in high-octane world of marketing and sales, because securing the right opportunity can be the catalyst for a meteoric career rise. As the landscape grows more competitive and diverse, knowing where to pinpoint these pivotal roles becomes essential. For this reason, we’ve carefully curated a list of our opinion of the top job boards which cater for Marketing and Sales positions. These platforms are favoured by industry insiders for their comprehensive listings and alignment with market trends. Whether you’re an emerging talent or an established professional, our selection is your trusted guide to the best opportunities in the marketing and sales arena. 

**THE WINNERS April 2024**

1: Digital Marketing Jobs
Marketing Job Board for Digital Marketing jobs, completely dedicated to this niche job, the website is a career platform with the latest industry insights, career advice as well as easy upload of CV’s to join a pool of talent available for viewing by recruiters. Covering the whole of the UK, nearly 400 jobs in London (many remote working) covering the entire range of roles within digital marketing from brand and content to e-commerce and creative. Just £95 to post your available job position for 30 days also posted on their social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Discounts with multiple jobs.

2: Only Marketing Jobs
Best Marketing Jobs with over 500 jobs advertised in London. Launched in 2009, a well established and dedicated Marketing Job board – search within the industry you want to market! As an employer it will cost £295 for one job posting for 30 days, but if you have multiple jobs to advertise, the basic package is £100 a month for up to 20 jobs.  If you are looking for a job, upload your CV for browsing recruiters and receive job alerts.

3: Campaign Jobs
Marketing Job Board in London – the official job board for Haymarket Media Group, and a specialist Marketing Job Board with over 260 jobs in London in Marketing, Media, Creative and Advertising. They have large specialist teams working on the website, so marketing your jobs is what they are all about.  Active and up to date social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Prices are higher but excellent deals on multiple postings with options to buy Data, CV and Content products.

4: Simply Marketing Jobs
Marketing Job Board which is best for simplicity with 22 jobs in London.  However, they do offer a bespoke candidate search on your behalf for a flat fee – no price information on the website because they agree a price with you and monitor it to see if you are getting a good investment! So call them to find out how they can help you and speak to an account manager.

5: Marketing Week Jobs
Best Marketing Job Board attached to the renowned magazine site that was originally a print magazine focused on the marketing industry since 1978.  If you are looking for a job, get your CV loaded for recruiters to see and have job alerts sent to you.  For recruiters, prices are high, but the exposure and add-ons may be worth it.

6: The Guardian Jobs
Sales & Marketing Job board and many other jobs covered.  Nearly 1400 Marketing jobs advertised in London. For employers, prices start at £575 for a 30 day posting with huge reach of over a million candidates signed up to one of London’s most respected Job boards.

7: Glassdoor
The Best Marketing & Sales Job board for candidates to research the companies they are applying to.  With employees reviewing and rating the companies they work for, it has become a very popular site with a set of ethical values.  Over 7000 marketing jobs advertised in London.  For employers, posting jobs is via Indeed (see below), contact them for prices.

8. Indeed
Sales & Marketing Job Board which isn’t a niche if you want volume, with a world wide coverage, over 8000 marketing jobs in London.  These are aggregated from other websites and job boards via a search engine. Based in America with a UK website that works in conjunction with other sites, including Glassdoor, above.

9: Reed
A leading recruitment agency that was also the first to also produce a job board in 1995.  Also listing courses and career advice with interview advice, cover letters and CV’s.  Over 11,000 marketing jobs in London.  Easy to upload CV’s and apply for jobs.


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IMPORTANT We hope you’ve found our list useful. This list rates all these agencies equally – the numbering is for reference purposes only. 

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