Best Marketing News & Magazine Websites Revealed…July 2024!

Which are the BEST Marketing News & Websites in July 2024?

Marketing News & Magazine Websites are the go-to sources delivering powerful insights, expert analysis, and the latest trends to keep you ahead in the dynamic world of marketing. See our curated list of our opinion of the best platforms for the latest trends, insights, and news in the marketing world!

*Winners July 2024*

1. Marketing Week
Marketing Magazine website, which is a comprehensive resource, providing the latest news, insights, and opinions on marketing trends and strategies. The website features sections on news, analysis, opinion, and career development, with specialised content on brand positioning, consumer trends, digital transformation, and more. It hosts events like the Festival of Marketing and offers certifications such as the Mini MBA in Marketing. Additionally, the site includes forums for discussion, competitions, and awards to recognize marketing excellence.

2. Campaign
Marketing News website, originally launched as “World’s Press News” in 1968, was rebranded by Michael Heseltine for Haymarket. Known as the “Bible of British Ad-land,” it became a key resource in advertising and marketing. The digital format, features sections like Latest, Creative Work, Top Brands & Agencies, and The Knowledge. It offers news, features, podcasts, and video content on industry trends and notable campaigns. The site includes qualifications and courses through partners and promotes industry events. Highlights include “Ad of the Day,” detailed market reports, and award recognitions.

3. Marketing Beat
Marketing news website featuring sections such as News (Agencies, Brands, Creative and Campaigns), Features (Best in Class, Opinion, Why it Works), and Resources. The editorial focuses on industry trends, campaign analysis, and expert opinions. Highlights include detailed insights into marketing strategies and the latest innovations. Launched recently, Marketing Beat stands out for its in-depth coverage and user-friendly layout. It provides daily updates and a free newsletter for staying current with marketing developments.

4. The Drum
Marketing news website offering extensive coverage on marketing, advertising, and media industries. Its sections include News, Features, Opinion, and Research, providing in-depth articles, industry insights, and trend analysis. The editorial content is diverse, featuring expert opinions, case studies, and market reports. Launched as a print magazine, The Drum transitioned to a digital platform to cater to a global audience. It distinguishes itself through various industry awards and events, like The Drum Awards, which recognize excellence in marketing and advertising.

5. Digital Marketing News
Digital marketing news website offering industry analysis and insights. The site features sections such as News, Advertising, Branding, Customer Experience, Content Marketing, and Ethical Marketing. Editorial content includes news articles, features, opinion pieces, and research reports. Notable highlights are its focus on the intersection of marketing and technology, such as AI, data analytics, and automation. It stands out for its detailed market trends analysis and professional resources, including events and webinars.

6. Marketing Dive
Marketing magazine website, which is a leading publication providing in-depth journalism and insights into marketing and advertising trends. The website covers various topics including marketing technology, advertising creative, social media, video marketing, and analytics. Key sections include News, Features, Opinion, and Research. Editorial content is diverse, featuring expert analysis, case studies, and market reports. Marketing Dive is part of Industry Dive, a larger network of business journalism websites.

7. Digital Marketing News
Marketing News Magazine Resource based in the United States, it is a prominent source for digital marketing news and insights. It features sections like News, Agencies, Marketing Channels, Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Data, and Retail. The editorial includes a mix of news articles, features, opinion pieces, and industry research, focusing on the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing. It stands out for its comprehensive coverage of marketing technologies, analytics, and consumer behaviour. It also offers resources like webinars and eBooks

8. The Marketing Blog
Marketing News website, based in the UK, providing comprehensive coverage of marketing trends and insights. The site features sections including Business, Tech, Entertainment, Digital Marketing, and Social Media. The editorial content includes news, opinion pieces, case studies, and market research, focusing on advertising, CRM, PR, and retail. It distinguishes itself through practical advice for small businesses and start-ups, as well as detailed analyses of marketing strategies and technologies.

9. CIM
The CIM Content Hub Blog, part of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) based in the UK, offers expert insights and updates on various marketing topics. Key sections include Business, Tech, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Customer Experience. The editorial content comprises news articles, opinion pieces, case studies, and professional development advice. Notably, the blog features practical guidance on sustainability, digital transformation, and marketing strategies. CIM, established in 1911, is renowned for its commitment to advancing the marketing profession through education and training.

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