Sales Training Courses in London in July 2024, The Main Competitors Are Revealed

Which Sales Training Courses in London for July 2024 can elevate your career to the next level? 

Sales Training Courses in London can be a game-changer. London offers a diverse range of programs tailored to various aspects of sales management, from strategic planning to team leadership. These courses are designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical insights, ensuring you can apply what you learn directly to your professional environment. We’ve curated a list of what we feel are the top sales courses available this July, highlighting the best options to help you achieve your career goals and stand out in the industry.

**WINNERS JULY 2024** 

1. London School of Sales
Sales Training Course at the London School of Sales (LSOS) offers a range of CPD-accredited online sales training courses designed for individuals and businesses aiming to enhance their sales performance. Their courses include essential sales skills, account management, sales process and prospecting, and sales management. These courses are self-paced, providing flexibility for learners. Prices for their courses are around £300 for a 12-month access program, with the sales management course priced at £594. LSOS emphasizes ethical sales solutions tailored for modern needs, ensuring continuous revenue growth and improved customer retention. They also offer partnership opportunities for resellers and referral programs.

2. Kennedy Ross
Sales Training Courses from Kennedy Ross offer a variety of sales training courses designed to enhance sales performance and revenue across multiple sectors. Their courses include telesales, field sales, and specialized training for industries such as engineering, technology, and finance. They use a unique six-step sales system called PROCES, which emphasizes planning, client engagement, and effective communication strategies. Courses are available in classroom settings, online, and on-site across the UK. Pricing details are not specified online, but the company guarantees an increase in sales performance. Past clients have reported significant improvements, with some seeing up to a 40% increase in sales within a year.

3. MTD Sales Training
Sales Training Course Specialists – MTD offers a variety of sales courses suitable for different experience levels and roles. Their training options include open courses, in-house solutions, online training, and virtual sales training. Courses cover fundamental skills, advanced selling techniques, telesales, and sales management, each accredited by the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and CPD Certified​​. Pricing varies, with essential and advanced selling skills courses priced around £495 + VAT and £295 + VAT respectively​. Reviews highlight the engaging and practical nature of the courses, with trainers praised for their expertise and supportive approach​. Courses are available at various UK locations, including London, Manchester, and Coventry, and include materials, lunch, and ongoing support​​.

4. Results Oriented Sales Academy
Sales Training Courses via the Results Oriented Sales Academy (ROSAcad) offers comprehensive sales training courses tailored for field sales, inside sales, account management, and insurance sectors. Their programs emphasize practical skills for securing meetings, closing sales, and growing existing business. Training includes both online and classroom-based options in London. Prices vary, with free assessments available for cold calling, closing, and account development valued at £500 each.

5. Impact Factory
Sales Training Courses at the Impact Factory offers a variety of sales training courses in London, designed for professionals at all levels. Their courses focus on enhancing communication, presentation, and leadership skills. Key programs include “Presentation Skills,” “Personal Impact,” and “Influence and Negotiation,” with prices ranging from £550 for a one-day course to £1,100 for a two-day course. Both in-person and online options are available, providing flexibility for participants. The training is interactive and tailored to individual needs, ensuring practical application and immediate benefits. Impact Factory also offers free taster events and ongoing support post-training.

6. Dale Carnegie
Sales Training Courses at specialist Dale Carnegie include “Winning with Relationship Selling,” and are designed to enhance sales professionals’ abilities to build genuine connections with customers, uncover their needs, and create effective sales strategies. The courses cover essential skills such as active listening, establishing credibility, handling objections, and closing sales. They are available both in-person and live online, providing flexibility for participants. The eight-session “Winning with Relationship Selling” course costs $2,195 and focuses on developing long-term customer relationships through trust and value creation, essential in today’s market where customers are highly informed.

7. Korn Ferry
Korn Ferry offers a range of sales training courses designed to enhance sales effectiveness and performance across various industries. The programs include foundational courses like Professional Selling Skills, which focus on uncovering and addressing customer needs, improving sales interactions, and developing universal sales skills. Training modalities include onsite instructor-led sessions and digital/e-learning options. Courses are research-based and tailored to sales professionals at all levels, providing practical strategies for new business development and account growth, leveraging the renowned Miller Heiman Group methodologies​.

8. Tadpole Training
Sales Training Courses at Tadpole Training offer a variety of courses tailored for sales entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate teams. Their programs cover essential sales skills, account management, telephone sales, social selling, and negotiation. Prices for their courses are customized based on the specific needs of the business or individual, and they offer both online and classroom-based training options. Led by Janet Efere, the training focuses on practical, actionable strategies to boost sales performance, confidence, and consistency. 

9. Sales Geek
Sales Geek offers comprehensive sales training courses designed for small to medium-sized businesses, focusing on various aspects such as sales leadership, strategy, and development. Their courses are available both online and in classroom settings in London. Prices for their courses are not explicitly listed, as they provide tailored solutions based on individual business needs. Their training programs are endorsed by the Institute of Sales Professionals, ensuring high-quality content and impactful results. Sales Geek also offers free online training resources and an app for convenient access.

IMPORTANT We hope you’ve found our list useful. This list rates all these agencies equally – the numbering is for reference purposes only. 

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