Best Property Forums in London Revealed…April 2024!

Which are the best Property Forums in London for April 2024? – These are vibrant hubs, connecting individuals and sharing posts that spark innovation and solve challenges!

Property Forums in London are many, so it’s important to know which ones are most active. Dive into the dynamic world of property management with our curated list of forum reviews! Discover where professionals and enthusiasts alike buzz with tips, tricks, and tales to transform your property management journey.

UK Property Forum
Property Forums operates as a platform to facilitate forums and events within the property sector, aimed at fostering business development opportunities. It serves as a hub for the latest news, views, and updates on various property-related topics, including developments, planning, and market trends across different regions and sectors such as residential, commercial, and industrial. The site also offers a members portal for deeper engagement and access to exclusive content and networking opportunities.

Property Tribes

Property Tribes is a leading online forum for private landlords, offering a platform for discussion, advice, and sharing of information on various aspects of property investment and management. It covers a wide range of topics through its “Tribes” such as Buy-to-Let, mortgages & finance, legal FAQs, refurbishment, and tenant referencing, among others. This community-driven site facilitates engagement among landlords, investors, and property professionals, providing a space for learning, networking, and support within the property sector.

Property Help UK
Property Help UK offers a platform for property forums and discussion boards, aiming to assist individuals with their property-related queries. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, including investment opportunities, mortgage rates, buy-to-let questions, legal issues, and recommendations for companies and estate agents. This website serves as a unique form of social media, providing users with a more personal approach to obtaining information and making informed decisions.

The Investment Property Forum (IPF)
The Investment Property Forum (IPF) is a members’ organization for professionals in the UK commercial real estate investment market. It focuses on providing its members with research, education, and networking events. The IPF aims to enhance the understanding and efficiency of property as an investment, offering seminars, workshops, and recognized educational courses. Additionally, it publishes research and forecasts to inform investment decisions and hosts various events to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking.

The London Real Estate Forum (LREF)
The London Real Estate Forum (LREF) is an annual forum organized by New London Architecture (NLA), scheduled for 25 September 2024 at Guildhall, City of London. It brings together industry leaders, public sector representatives, investors, and business communities to promote sustainable investment and development in cities. The event features keynote speeches, panel debates, project briefings, and roundtables focusing on sustainable city development. LREF also includes a curated exhibition showcasing development activities across major cities.

Property Forum and News website for UK landlords and letting agents. Attached to a specialist legal and tax consultants in Norwich, the forum offers the chance to find out and share specialized property information for tax planning, legal advice, and finance.  Keep up todate with best practices and new legislation. Submit a question for the forum, but you must sign up to comment on other issues.  Subscription means you also receive news letters and can view restricted content.  Google rating 4.7* with 21 positive reviews.

Property Forum
Property Forum attached to an Asset management company in London. Free to subscribe and with over 64,000 members – landlords, investors, developers and property professionals – and 20 chat forums with conversations about landlord and property services, property investments and development finance.  Advertising for less than £10 a month!

NRLA (National Residential Landlords Association)
Property Management Forum for residential landlords which is highly active due to over 100,000 members.  Comprehensive support and resources, including advice, property management tools, legal and compliance guidance, and other benefits. Forum subjects include every aspect from legal and finance as well as property management and maintenance questions.  Follow them on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram for very active and up to date postings!

Property Management Forum for a successful online lettings agent founded in 2012.  The Community forum has hundreds of conversations with many on a daily basis, and topics from anything landlord or tenant based as well as legal, repairs and maintenance. Follow on Linkedin for regular posts.

The BPF (British Property Federation)
Property Management Forum only accessable through membership, which offers extensive resources and networking opportunities. The federation focuses on supporting a sustainable and successful real estate industry through collaboration with government and promoting best practices. The site provides information on industry-wide membership, research, policy advocacy, and events aimed at fostering growth and understanding within the sector.  Membership costs, see website for prices which vary depending on the size of your business.  Members include over 4000 agents, consultants, banks and institutions, property companies and companies withour without property assets.  Follow them on Linkedin for regular posts.

The Better Buildings Partnership
Property Management Forum for non-residential real estate established in 2008.  Membership eligibility & application process is on their website which involves a collaborative approach to improving the sustainability of commercial buildings. It provides a platform for leading property owners to work together on this goal, offering resources such as toolkits, case studies, and training programs for real estate professionals. The focus on integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) into property management and investment highlights its commitment to sustainability and industry-wide improvement. Follow on Linkedin for regular posts and information.

The LandlordZONE
Property Management Forum for landlords, tenants, and professionals to exchange advice, experiences, and insights on a wide range of topics related to property rental and management. Its diverse discussion threads cover legal issues, property maintenance, tenant relationships, and much more. Free to register and access all areas of this hub for information!  Over 120,000 subscribers and a good variety of advertising opportunities – contact for prices. Follow on Linkedin for up to date, regular posts.

BLA (British Landlords Association)
Property Management Forum providing valuable resources, support, and advocacy for landlords. They offer membership benefits such as legal advice, guidance on property management, updates on landlord-tenant laws, and networking opportunities.  See their website for membership fees and an extensive list of benefits. Follow on Facebook for regular posts.

Property Forum (EU)
Property Forum is an established event organizer in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) real estate market, with nearly a decade of experience. They specialize in hosting a variety of events, such as conferences, business breakfasts, and workshops, focused on the real estate industry across multiple cities including London, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, and Prague. Their platform serves as a central hub for industry professionals to gain insights, network, and stay updated on market trends.

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