SaaS Jobs and Job Boards in July 2024?  The main boards are revealed…

Which are the BEST SaaS Jobs & Job Boards in London for July 2024? Discover the top job boards dedicated to SaaS professionals in the UK.

SaaS Jobs & Job Boards are where the latest and most exciting opportunities in the Software as a Service industry are showcased. Whether you’re looking for roles in development, sales, marketing, or leadership, these platforms are your gateway to advancing your career in the dynamic SaaS sector.  Here are the job boards we have think are the best, and which specialise in SaaS jobs, updated in July 2024.

*Winners July 2024*

1. SaaSiest
SAAS Jobs and Jobs Board focusing on the B2B SaaS sector. Jobs listed are in the UK with 4 in London, and also Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Finland and Germany. The site features various job categories including Sales, Customer Success, Engineering, and more, indicating a broad coverage within the SaaS industry. The site encourages both employers to post jobs and seek top talent, and job seekers to browse opportunities from SaaS companies.

2. Techno Jobs
SAAS Jobs and Job Board which currently lists over 60 SaaS jobs, offering roles like Senior Front End Developer, Technical Lead, Release Manager, and more, mainly in locations like London and Cambridge with salaries ranging from £50,000 to £100,000. This indicates a focus on technical and engineering roles within the SaaS sector. The site provides a platform for both job seekers and employers, emphasizing a wide range of opportunities in the IT and tech fields, but specific details about the number of applicants or unique selling points were not available from the page.

3. Top Startups
SAAS Jobs and Job Board featuring a wide range of SaaS start-up jobs, listing over 350 SaaS jobs in London, across various roles and locations. It caters to job seekers by offering powerful filters to tailor searches based on role, experience, and start-up size. The site’s unique selling point is its focus on start-ups funded by notable investors like Sequoia, YC, and A16Z, making it a hub for top-tier opportunities in the SaaS sector. While specific statistics on the number of applicants or success rates were not provided, the platform’s comprehensive filtering options and direct access to high-growth start-ups stand out for candidates seeking roles in the SaaS industry.

4. GTMfund
SAAS Jobs and Job Board which specializes in top GTM roles within fast-growing SaaS companies. It currently lists 149 jobs, featuring a variety of roles including Sales Enablement Manager, Talent Sourcer GTM, and Enterprise Business Development Representative. The jobs are located across the globe, including in the United States, United Kingdom, and India, suggesting a broad geographic coverage. The positions range from mid to senior level, indicating a focus on experienced professionals.

5. Partnership Leaders
SAAS Jobs and Job Board that is focused on partnership roles in technology companies. It showcases jobs from top companies, emphasizing roles in partner management, channel management, strategic partnerships, and more. The board features positions across various levels, including contract, temporary, and permanent roles.  The platform facilitates global job searches, including London, which had a dozen jobs advertised. It emphasizes easy application processes for candidates by allowing them to submit resumes and apply directly for roles.

6. Simply Sales Jobs
SAAS Jobs and Job Board which also caters to a wide range of other industries and levels, including entry-level to senior management positions. The platform is designed for both job seekers and employers, offering functionalities for posting and applying for jobs. It primarily serves the UK market, with a vast array of permanent, contract, and temporary roles.

7. Remotive
SAAS Jobs and Jos Board which offers a platform for finding remote B2B/SaaS jobs, featuring a diverse range of positions including software development, design, marketing, and customer service. It supports job seekers from entry-level to executive, providing access to top-quality, fully remote job opportunities from vetted tech companies worldwide. The site mentions hosting over 20,002 jobs, catering to a global audience, prioritizing time saving for job seekers by curating and categorizing jobs to make the search more efficient.

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