I supervise a team of receptionists who usually have a lot to say for themselves, but recently things changed. I was passing by this particular reception which is on the ground floor and noticed two of my team standing motionless looking dumbstruck, mouths agape. They had on the reception desk a sports bag which was open and as I came around I noticed it was brimming full of money. In front of them was a man in a suit with shades on. Unfortunately I can be in a real grumpy mood on a Monday morning at the best of times, but this morning I was in a corker (I’d already had two of my team call in sick). So I’ll be honest, my immediate thought was ‘oh that’s just typical, they’ve won the ***** lottery now, that’s just great… I suppose I’ll have to start interviewing for more staff wont I!!’

My second thought was he was a solicitor who’d come to bring me a suitcase of money and the news that one of my relatives had died – so I cheered up instantly.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case, it wasn’t inheritance money. You see I supervise a team of receptionists on the ground floor of an Investment Bank. We often have people come in who mistakenly believe we are the retail wing of the bank (where they can withdraw or deposit money) and the man in question had come to make a rather obnoxiously large deposit of cash. I sadly directed him across the street to the high street version of our bank and waved goodbye to it all.




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