Condeco, Trimble, EMS, Rendezvous…. meeting room booking software.

Room reservation software – reviews
Decision decisions – which one would suit your company best?

When choosing a meeting-room reservations software system, there are a number of factors which come into play:

Is it important for the PAs and EAs to be able to book the meeting rooms?
Is it important the system is the most user-friendly one available – for the reception team?
Do you need to be able to book rooms globally across different time zones?
Will the software support be reliable?
Does the latest version of their software have bugs which make their system crash?
Can the system run all the reports you need?
Does it also integrate with outlook
Can the software keep track of client preferences ie how they take their coffee, if they have any allergies etc?

There are a number of thing to consider. During our chats with the FOH Managers from the most prestigious law firms and financial companies in the world, we have concluded the below are considered some of the most respected names in this market place.


Trimble – Manhattan Space Scheduling

This is probably the most famous and really the first real development of specific software aimed at the struggles corporate receptionists were experiencing with booking large quantities of rooms. They developed a moving timeline (which is now across most of the packages available) and grew from a small business called Datacraft. A lot of people confused their company name with the product (rather like a Hoover) their first product was called Hospitality Suite. After many years Hospitality Suite (or global hospitality suite) and Datacraft became Manhattan Space Scheduling – and then not too long after they became Trimble. However you will notice the look and feel of it right from the first product.

Condeco – Meeting Room Booking Software 

Condeco seemed to be the next big name after Datacraft. They developed their product with a similar feel to it, they seemed to have a focus at the start for ensuring the whole company could have access to the system – and book rooms themselves (where as hospitality suite from Datacraft was more user-friendly for the reception team).


However over the years both Trimble/Manhattan’s latest version and Condeco are now able to book across the company, across time-zones and have any number of amazing reports and updates which will wow you.

What is SO important though is to find out which one is working best NOW. As new releases are coming out all the time, and I’m sorry to say that occasionally, as with any new technology, there can be teething issues and bugs which they iron out swiftly.


It’s a little silly to call them the new kids.  I honestly don’t know how long they have been going. However in terms of the large corporate reception areas in London and how often their products are spoken about. It is less than the two above. However they seems to be growing each year.

Rendezvous – Meeting Room Scheduling

EMS – Meeting & Room Scheduling

Integrated Solutions Room Conference Software 

Asure Software – Meeting Room Manager 


The best way to decide is to arrange a meeting with some one of the other FOH Managers in London who have the products and see what they say themselves.

If you need any guidance – feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to give you impartial feedback.

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