Corporate Receptionist Training
Your Front of House is the heart of your business

Who does your business represent?

What does your business look like in the world, and how does your business want the world to look?

Your business can shape the look of the world through the powerful visual representation of itself. The purposeful image that you propose, if managed correctly, can become both the messenger and provider of future income: both Hermes and Demeter.

The language of success, indeed all language, is visual, it is all metaphorical.  If we think to some of the most successful brands such as Apple, Jaguar and Amazon we can see that Apple is that illicit bite of knowledge that was once forbidden, that Jaguar is raw, animalistic power and grace and that Amazon is the place of great abundance, diversity and fertility.  The “golden arches” of McDonald’s are now so ingrained onto the consumerist existence that we hardly bat an eyelid at their pervasion, however, every single boy, girl, man and woman (possibly globally) would know what they represent on seeing them.

This is more than brand image, it is a form of sigilistic magic that takes the essence of a business and makes it into an icon that in turn magnetically attracts the wealth that it seeks.

So, how to apply this to our own businesses? The face of your business, be it a physical or virtual lobby, must be an impeccably consistent representation of your business itself.  Your Front of House Staff must be invested in everything that your company is and aspires to be.

How to achieve this?  Well, there are visual simplicities that can be quick wins here: unique flourishes on corporate attire (think subtle, yet powerful colour signifiers), a lobby that is led by brand information and image, a website that is bespoke and navigable.  The long-game is, however, the game that will reap the highest yield in the end: invest your time in making sure that your Reception team know what your values are and know how to immediately project them to your client base.  It is all well and good making a business stand out through visual difference, but through developing a Front of House team that is imbued with deference to your business’ cultural, moral and corporate essence you will soon be standing head and shoulders above the competition.

At FOH, we pride ourselves in receptionist recruitment, sourcing, training and supporting your Front of House Team so that they help you develop and promote your business.

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London’s Corporate Receptionist Salary Review / Survey 2019

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