What does a receptionist do, you ask?

Well, we could say it is all galas and glamour, meeting famous and wealthy people, smiles and service…..We could say that but you know, deep in your heart, that the duties of a receptionist go beyond just being a #hospitalityhero and smooth socialiser!

The qualities of a receptionist are also far greater than just a good work ethic (though this is certainly needed) and must be evident on the very first meeting – a warm, winning personality; an unrelenting and tenacious attitude that sees all jobs through to completion; a team player that can bring together all the different parts and cogs of a company and help them communicate and act effectively…..phew!!

So, what do receptionists do?? They paddle like crazy underwater and they look and glide as serenely as swans on the surface! Can you juggle numerous tasks at once? Make an angry client feel valued, listened to and supported? Support everyone around you whilst making the biggest of efforts seem as if they are no trouble of all? Then you are a natural and have the qualities needed to become a receptionist.

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Functions of a receptionist

Receptionist CV template

Corporate Receptionist Training

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