Best Tech Jobs and Job Boards in London July 2024 are revealed…

Which are the best Tech Jobs & Job Boards covering London for July 2024? We navigate the tech job market and pull out the best places to find the high-paying vacancies.

Tech Jobs & Job Boards in London can be the portal to a future of high income and quality of life. Here’s a quick guide to the best job boards for tech jobs, offering a streamlined path to your next career move in the vibrant tech landscape. Whether you’re starting out or scaling new heights in tech, these resources are your gateway to exciting opportunities.

Winners July 2024

Tech Jobs Board in the UK, online since 1999. It lists over 3,962 live jobs, covering a wide range of specialisms including IT support, cybersecurity, digital, development, and more across both permanent and contract positions. The site offers a unique platform for tech professionals to discover, aspire, and achieve their career goals, with a robust selection of jobs in top IT categories and skills. For clients, Technojobs provides a significant reach to a broad range of tech specialists, facilitating multiple hires and offering branding opportunities. 

Tech Jobs Board offering a more personalized and efficient experience for job seekers. It highlights its selection of over 70,000+ live jobs at more than 3,500 top companies, from start-ups to tech giants. Otta’s unique selling point includes a focus on relevant roles at exciting, innovative companies, ensuring that users are matched with jobs that suit their preferences and skills. The platform emphasizes ease of use for candidates, promising a straightforward application process and providing valuable insights about companies. 

CW Jobs
Tech Jobs Board drawing approximately 450,000 IT candidates monthly, attracted by the opportunity to search thousands of IT jobs from leading employers. Part of Totaljobs Group Ltd, CWJobs benefits from being within the UK’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment company network, which carries over 190,000 jobs and attracts 7 million jobseekers each month, generating 3.3 million applications. Specializing in IT and tech jobs, CWJobs covers a broad range of IT specialisms, offering a significant platform for both job seekers and employers in the tech industry.

IT Job Board
Tech Jobs Board that currently lists over 43,000 live IT jobs, showcasing a wide range of IT specialisms and career opportunities within the UK. The platform is designed to make it easier for job seekers to find their next role in the tech industry, emphasizing its vast number of listings as a significant resource for both candidates and employers. The site encourages IT professionals to upload their CVs and offers employers the opportunity to advertise their roles to attract qualified applicants.

All Tech Is Human
Tech Jobs Board that focuses on career opportunities in fields like Responsible AI, Trust & Safety, Tech & Democracy, Public Interest Technology, and Youth, Tech, and Wellbeing. It serves as a primary resource for those looking to change careers, find new roles, or enter the responsible tech ecosystem. This job board is part of a larger initiative to promote positive change in tech from various angles, emphasizing the importance of responsible and ethical considerations in tech roles.

Work in Tech
Tech Jobs Board that encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities in technology, start-up environments, remote positions, various programming languages, marketplace, non-profit sectors, internships, general tech, freelance, fintech, and even roles with a focus on diversity and design. It aggregates job listings from multiple specialized sources, making it a versatile resource for job seekers and companies alike in the tech industry.

Women in Tech
Tech Jobs Board which offers a variety of opportunities across several companies committed to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Featured companies include GE HealthCare, NTT DATA Inc., Enbridge Inc., Rakuten Kobo, TeamViewer, NetApp, The Coca-Cola Company, and Celonis, with job openings ranging from software development and cybersecurity to data analytics and cloud infrastructure. This platform is unique for its focus on connecting female talent with employers prioritizing a diverse workforce, providing a comprehensive resource for women looking to advance their careers in technology.

Crunch Board
Tech Jobs Board that offers a platform targeting the tech community. It features a variety of positions across tech, start-up, and engineering sectors, from principal software engineers to systems administrators and product managers, catering to both remote and in-person roles. Advertisements cost $349 for a single job posting for 30 days, with discounts available for bulk purchases. The job board appeals to employers and job seekers within the TechCrunch network, promising visibility across its website, newsletters, and social channels.

Tech Jobs Board which aggregates thousands of tech roles across the South West, from start-ups to corporate firms, covering areas from Swindon to Swansea. It serves as a central hub for the region’s digital community, connecting job seekers with diverse opportunities in technology. The site emphasizes its role in fostering the digital ecosystem in the South West, making it a unique platform for those looking to work in tech within this geographic area.

Tech Jobs Board and digital job board with a straightforward approach to job searching, requiring no account creation for applicants. It features a broad spectrum of categories including Strategy & Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Media & Entertainment, and Information Technology, with a total of 9,623 job listings currently advertised. The platform focuses on facilitating quick and easy job applications directly at the source, aiming to connect candidates with their dream tech and digital roles efficiently.

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