Over the years, working as a receptionist, I’ve experienced so many great and unique moments that it’s difficult to find the best one as there are so many, but let me tell you (the reader) about my time with a property company.


Golden sun streamed through the large window of my office as gentle waves made the pier next to me bob lightly. I straightened my skirt as I stood up from my elegant desk ready to welcome my next VIP guest.

A well-known TV personality came in through the door smiling and greeted me with a hand shake. Within minutes of having already offered her a tea and champagne, I was now showing her to the James Bond style cruise vessel that would take her on a short journey to the marketing suite.

This was a beautiful and lush glass cube full of plants and flowers where she would be shown a model of her desired flat. The property company heading the project,was in fact in the process of constructing a luxury residential tower on the waterfront and had set up this futuristic floating cube right next to the site.

As I helped my guest to board the boat, I invited her to view the short sales presentation whilst she cruised to the Marketing Suite. Once she was safely on board, I called the sales team on my walkie – talkie and advised them that she was on her way. As I walked slowly back to my desk, I turned towards the water;I could see the Australian skipper waving at me from the porthole as he slid away on the silver vessel. I smiled and thought to myself, “another day in paradise”.

A few months later I was invited to actually work at the Marketing Suite Reception. The team was really welcoming and came from every part of the world. We were a real International group and became friends immediately. My days were so varied and exciting and I had the opportunity of learning so many new skills from promotions to sales and I even had the chance of using my languages over the phone and with visiting guests.

On occasion, the company would host champagne evenings which I would assist and as a reward for my work I was invited one day to dine on lobster and caviar at a famous restaurant. A few years have gone by and life has taken me on a different path, but I still think very fondly of my time as a receptionist in this company and still keep in touch with most of the people I met and worked with.

Contributed by Chantal

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