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How I survived – Cabin crew to Corporate Reception

What could be a better job than exploring new cities, new countries for a living? Venturing as and when you feel like it out of your 4*, minimum, grade hotel to discover the local area with fun loving friends, find those crew favourite boozers, dine out sampling local food, lap in the luxury of being paid to relax and see the world?

All of these things drew me to the elite profession of Cabin Crew. And anyone knows it is fabulous for the first few years! But what happens when you grow out of that lifestyle, when the urge to raise a family kicks in or even for those with kids who juggle childcare with travelling across the world? The health risks of repetitive flying have been made apparent to most – if not in health literature then in the deep-set lines and wrinkles embedded in elder colleagues’ faces after 20+ years in the skies.

After 7 years flying I can totally understand the cringeworthy need at interview for airlines to recruit the most enthusiastic and energetic individuals. Passing different time zones, overnight shifts, long hours and the general stress involved of living out of a suitcase… It would take its toll on anyone.
With any lifestyle or career change it is natural to have reservations. The world of flying is so niche and separate to other lines of work that some people just can’t take that look down from 25,000 ft to the 9-5 working world below. And that’s fine! But if anyone is thinking of making a change and “hanging up the wings” I would advise them to be open. The office world can be as dynamic and exciting as you make it and each company has their own benefits. With the right receptionist agency the transition can be made less turbulent.

In my current job I see new faces daily but also have the benefit of working with a welcoming team of people who have made life so easy. Computer systems, emails and room bookings have become second nature which has improved my confidence to completely switch from a job role I never saw myself leaving. For the first time in 7 years I have the luxury of Christmas and New Year with my family without desperately waiting in a queue of hopefuls for so much as a home standby! Having the freedom to get into the fresh air on a lunch break rather than be stuck on an aircraft for 12 hours also has a huge impact on the body and mind.

Thinking on your feet, prioritising, using initiative and having a warm personality to deliver a friendly welcome to guests translate so well to the office environment. For those lacking in confidence to leave the aviation game; you may pleasantly surprise yourself. Friends for life will stick around but changing career gives such a level of fulfilment, opening doors to make new acquaintances and join in a side of society that has so far escaped you. And who knew a Christmas bonus was a real thing? Now I must dash – after work drinks anyone?

Contributed by Amy

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