I was very nervous about starting a new career and whole new life, after flying for almost 5 years; but it was the best thing I could have done and I have never looked back.

I had never imagined I would work in London, it was so very different to anything I had done before. I started work as a receptionist for a property development company based in a beautiful office, where everyone was lovely and friendly.

I had a normal life again, making plans to see friends and time with my family!

As a member of cabin crew, I was in and out of different time zones and exhausted from meeting so many new people every day; so time off was mostly spent catching up on sleep, rather than enjoying foreign countries and nights out with friends!

In an office environment I built friendships with colleagues I would see everyday, so eventually they became like family!

You think cabin crew life is an glamorous and possibly easy life until you make the change and realise how much harder it is up there – when you can have a more relaxed life with weekends free and feel 100% better working on the ground in an office.

You learn so many skills as cabin crew to make a perfect front of house receptionist – meeting and greeting friendly people who haven’t just come on board with all of their problems packed in their luggage, but problem solving on a whole new scale! People skills are important and being adaptable definitely comes in very handy. Even making tea and coffee is a joy after balancing in an aeroplane through turbulence!

Starting off as a temp was ideal for me to change between types of companies to find my perfect fit! 

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