Which are the Best Hospitality Jobs & Job boards in London – The main competitors are revealed…but which are the best?

Hospitality Job Boards which are often reviewed as the best. What areas do they cover and what do they specialise in? Our opinions on the options are below – 

Hospitality Job Boards can be the most important way to find the next step in your catering or hospitality career. See our look at THE BEST JOB BOARDS FOR LONDON -and the basic facts to save time trawling through various websites for the info. 
The hospitality industry is crying out for new staff.  Not all job boards are representing the same clients, so you need to look at several to get the whole picture.
1. Caterer
The leading hospitality job board in the UK, with thousands of hospitality jobs in London, in bars and pubs, restaurants, hotels, food service and leisure.  They share your uploaded CV and information with other job board partners, including Total Jobs, Jobsite, Milkround and Caterer Global.  Easy to use site, upload your CV, create job alerts and save your searches.
2. Hospitality Jobs UK

Hundreds of jobs advertised in London, from Bar and Front of House, to Chef and Kitchen Staff in Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels.  Good filtering to refine your search.  Look for entry level positions or management, also a section on apprenticeships.  Run your own Pub, gives info about tenancies and leasing with opportunities advertised accross the UK.  Upload your CV and create job alerts.

3. Indeed
Global job board with over 700 hospitality jobs in London.  Easy to use, upload and post your CV, companies have reviews from employees and star ratings, check before you apply.

Part of the network including Hotel Jobs.  Leisure Jobs also have many hospitality jobs within the leisure industry including pubs, restaurants and hotels.  From Chef jobs and Receptionist jobs, to management and some back office jobs.  Over 1000 hospitality jobs in London.
5. Reed
A leading recruitment agency that was also the first to also produce a job board in 1995.  Also listing courses and career advice with interview advice, cover letters and CV’s.  Over 2000 hospitality jobs in London.  Easy to upload CV’s and apply for jobs.
Another leading job board, with over 10,000 hospitality jobs in London.  Good filters to refine your search, including travel restrictions.  Easy upload of CV and save searches.
With a huge amount of hospitality jobs in London, and a guide to salaries, they are a global company with job boards around the world.  They specialize in company ratings and reviews from employees and have their own Award system.  Easy to submit CV and apply for jobs.
8. Hosco
Specialising in Hospitality jobs in London, from Front of House, Kitchen and Events, to Marketing and Sales in hotels and restaurants.  You can also search for hospitality courses and degrees in a variety of different languages.  Easy to upload CV’s and create a specialist profile to make applying for jobs easier.  Very good advice section with careers tips and interviews.
Hospitality job board for the USA, but currently (at the time of our review) over 450 hospitality jobs in London in well known hotel chains and restaurants.  There is a tracking system for employers as well as options to generate offer letters and tax forms.  Easy to upload CV’s and create specialist profiles for hospitality jobs.
10. Institute of Hospitality
Professional body for Hospitality Professionals.  Their website has a lot of information for managers through to apprentices and membership is encouraged.  Their job board for London has thousands of hospitality jobs, but applying takes you through to other hospitality job boards where you can upload your CV.
11. Hotel Jobs UK
Specialists in catering jobs, from front of house to kitchen and management.  Not just hotels, but also pubs, clubs, leisure industry and more.  Over 300 jobs in London, straight forward application, part of leisurejobs network.
12. Coople
Specializing in flexible jobs, paid by the hour, they have a section for hospitality jobs.  Coople pay you directly on behalf of the employer.  It’s hard to see how many London hospitality jobs are available without downloading the App, which you will need to do in order to search and apply for jobs.  The flexible hours mean you can have several jobs on the go.
13. Red Wigwam
Hospitality job board for flexible working, offering temporary and part time hospitality jobs.  They have over 600 hospitality jobs in London.  You can use their job searching platform 24 hours a day, leave reviews and book onto new job opportunities.  They employ you directly so you don’t have to wait for a new employer to deal with contracts etc.
14. Milkround
A student and graduate career resourse, with only 2 hospitality jobs in London advertised at the time of writing.
15. Monster
A leading job board, with thousands of hospitality jobs in London advertised.  Very basic filters and career advise, but upload your CV and have a browse.
16. Restaurant Jobs
Part of the network including Hotel Jobs and Leisure Jobs.  Nearly 1000 hospitality jobs in London, including tenancies for pubs.  Upload your CV, also careers advice and many of the same hotel and restaurant chains from the other job boards.
17. Gumtree
Well known London Classified Ads website, including job board with a small selection of hospitality jobs in London.
IMPORTANT We hope you’ve found our list useful. All the companies listed are recommended EQUALLY and the numbering does not reflect their status in the list.





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